Being world government’s slaves

How to fight with the world government, together with fighting despondency, despair and hopelessness
16 june 2020


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Hello dear readers,

Today we will be working together on overcoming despondency.  

What is the most pre-dominant feature of despondency? What is the main reason for despondency?

It is the inability to achieve a certain goal or dream, it is when our hopes collapse, when we unable to achieve something or are unable to act in a difficult situation – this is when despondency and despair set in.

Therefore  the ability to be proactive in any situation, no matter what, to not stay inert, the ability to not take offence, but to keep trying and searching for solutions — is one of the best ways to overcome despondency.

It is important to note: the Fifth Commandment says “Honour thy father and thy mother so that your days may be long”. What does this mean? We are part of our parents. Our parents are our past. So when we don't have respect for our parents, then we have no respect for the past. The past, the future, and the present are united on a subtle level. Therefore, when we have a negative attitude towards the past, we activate it’s destructive program and end up destroying the future.

It turns out that the one who does not accept the past, and thinks poorly about the past — will destroy his future. Therefore, a personwho judges his parents is rarely healthy and rarely successful.

It is very important to understand that our parents are our past, we are part of them, so we have to respect them, we have to honour them, foster them and always love them. There should be no judgement.


Yesterday I was sent a very interesting question on audio by an acquaintance of mine: “Sergey Nikolaevich, there is currently talk of that electronic slavery is taking place and we all becoming slaves. It has been mentioned that we will all be microchipped like dogs.  I am a married man. Because if I refuse microchipping I will be unable to go abroad, I won’t be able to fly anywhere. I will be unable to do a lot of things that I need to do. This means that those who want to save their souls will need to retreat from civilization or commit suicide. What should I do? "

I told him: “You know, it's not about microchipping, it's the fact that a person becomes a slave when he's a slave inside. Internal slavery is dependent on human values.  It is the renunciation of God. The more a person internally loses touch with God, the less love he has in his soul and the more he is attracted to the world and depends on it.  Dependence is a slavery. Internal slavery leads to external slavery.

­­­How should we stop being a slave inside? We have to fight for freedom. We have to fight for love in our souls. The best way to do this is to re-read the Bible. Christ says, «The Lord is like a father to his children.» The Bible says “God is Love”. Christ says, «you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.» So if our goal is Love, we will not lose it. But to do this, you need to overcome ­­some religious misconceptions which say that the meaning of human life is to get into heaven.  This is a bluff.  A person should strive not for paradise but for God. 

A person should develop and become like the Almighty.  That is our main human goal.

As long as we understand this, no one can take this goal away.

It is also important to note that we mustn't judge people.  Why? Because contempt and condemnation are the renunciation of love at a subtle level, and thus the renunciation of God.

Then our question becomes — what about those who want to destroy the population of the Earth by microchipping them and turning them into slaves?

This is a very important point. We need to fight them, we should fight for our survival but we mustn’t despise and judge them. The worst we can do is to despise those scoundrels who dream of making others slaves. They are ill people. Their souls have turned away from God, so we should fight them and be compassionate towards them.

If we fear we will be microchipped, and we have only a sense of hopelessness then it is a loss. We need to fight on all levels. This must occur on a physical, mental and a soul level. The most important is the soul level. Why? Because to fight the world elite on a physical level, those who have everything — the army, money and political influence is almost impossible. And on a mental level will also be very difficult as political reform will be virtually impossible as they are very politically powerful.

The only effective way to fight the world’s elite is to become different inside. Then God will protect us. When Christ was tempted by the devil in the desert, what did the devil offer to Christ? Power. Each person has a choice in a situation that is often life changing — which depends on what is more important to them — love or power? Power allows you to have everything, all the pleasures. And Christ said that the main thing is love for God and commitment to God.

Then the question is why does the [world] authority triumph and why are we heading for such a tragic ending? What is love in the first place? It is seeing the Divine Will in everything — God is Love. It is the ability not to judge but to educate other people.

Here is a very important point. We now understand that we mustn’t judge and try to suppress feelings of judgement. However, we must not judge but educate a person. It is necessary to fight for conditions that will help to change a person, for the right laws, for a better understanding of the world. After all, in pagan thinking, which is a predominant form of thinking on Earth currently (it is described  in detail in my books) all people are inevitably driven to power and not to love. This is a rule.

So, imagine that you are being forced to do things that harm your soul, and you cannot fight. It seems to be a hopeless situation. But there is a solution. There is a simple rule if the perpetrator commits a crime against a person, for example, for the murder of a saint he will receive a punishment hundreds times more severe than the punishment for the murder of a sinner. If a thief robs a sinner he will not receive a serious punishment, however strange it sounds. But if he robs a saint, he will be severely punished.

That is how much effort we are putting in striving to reach God. this is how much retribution  those who harm us will receive. Those who want to make slaves from those who are free inside will not only be punished, but they will not succeed. The Almighty is more powerful than any world elite.

Therefore, when you have a desire to judge, to be offended, to feel despondency, or despair — turn to God. Pray and ask him for protection.  Try to change so that you experience the love for God not as a means for health and prosperity but as a source and condition of happiness.

And as long as you are striving to God, God will not allow the road to him to close.

I would like to say not to focus on religion. It is better to read the Bible. Because modern Orthodoxy and Catholicism are lost. And their main direction is different from what Christ had taught. Therefore read the Bible. Feel in your heart that God is Love and that if you are striving for love, God will always protect you.

Be joyful, never give up, constantly look for new forms of development. This is the best defence — love and development, and then we can overcome everything.

Even when you have been microchipped, you must still keep fighting. You must retain love and can later fix all.

The worst thing for us is our despondency, despair and judgement. We must not have these feelings.

Therefore — have love, optimism, and aspire to transform the world, but first you must start with yourself.

We need to be energetic, brave, independent, good-natured and we will succeed.

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