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S. N. Lazarev About Latest Events
27 february 2022

Everyone is afraid now. Europe is afraid, confident that Russia wants to invade it. Ukraine is afraid, seeing Russia as 100% the enemy. People in Russia are afraid because the unfolding events can easily lead to a nuclear war. Americans are afraid, realising that a nuclear war would kill everyone. Feeling fearful is a useful tool, until it gets out of control.  Once we are unable to control fear and panic sets in, we are unable to adequately assess the situation and mistakes are made. 

Fear results in hatred, and hatred is not the best advisor. I have been asked to express my opinion, but before I do this, I want to make a small introduction.

How do we understand the situation? 

Everyone wants to understand what is happening, the likely consequences, who is right and who is to blame.  The correct points of reference and an accurate assessment are very important here. When a person understands the concepts such as good and bad, he has a moral compass and he is protected.

Therefore it is very important to understand the correct points of reference.  This is connected to our main values ​ and our main purpose in life.

Sacred books are instructions for survival. They are a statement of the laws of the universe, the laws of development of the soul and the non-observance of which leads to degradation and death. The sacred books also say that a person for whom his main values are his desires, his instincts and his life, and this person goes on to lose his inner sense of unity, love and morality – he will be doomed.

Example — Sodom and Gomorrah. A loss of morality and understanding of the laws of the universe are most likely when a person begins to evaluate everything from the point of view of his desires and can be likened to a piglet who eats everything that is given to him. 

But a person should not drop to such a level.

The Almighty destroys such people. The main point of reference here is the soul and the love in the soul. Christ said: ‘do not be afraid of those who kill the body, fear those who destroy the soul’. From the point of view of the body, if you assess the events that are happening in Ukraine, then it is impossible to give an accurate assessment: there is lack of information or the information is contradictory and everyone sees the situation from a different perspective. Where people are attempting to understand the situation based on physical events alone, these are doomed to lead to misunderstanding, fear, animosity and panic.

The main point of reference and moral compass is the priority of  love in the soul over everything else. If we proceed from the fact that soul, love and morality are the most important things in life, then we will not be slaves to our desires.  This is the essence of Christianity.

So from this point of view how can we evaluate the events happening? The first question to ask is: why did a war begin between Ukraine and Russia? At first glance  — this is a war between Ukraine and Russia. But when we look at the bigger, more realistic picture — there is no war with Ukraine. There is a war between Russia and the United States. There is a competition for survival. And Ukraine is a bargaining chip.  Since Ukraine is an asset being used by the United States, it is difficult to talk about Ukraine’s independence. Russia was also mainly an asset being used by the United States until recently.

So what is  the essence of the conflict between the United States and Russia? What is the reason behind the current events in Ukraine? 

The quality of life in the United States is eight times better than it should be [according to it’s production levels]. But as long as the United States prints dollars, they will always be seen to be right. They will always be respected. And this worship of the Mammoth, the worship of prosperity and money affects the American mentality. America has thirty trillion dollars of debt which is unrecoverable. In fact America's economy could collapse, according to experts, and this is possible in as little as six months, one year or several years from now at best.

Their only chance of survival is to crush the whole world by continuing to take, and by sucking talents and money. But in order to do this America needs to eliminate the one and only competitor — Russia with it’s military equal to America and even exceeding it. China would not be able to stand even a week and the United States knows this. 

Many cannot answer this question, and the official press provides no answer. 

Why was Yanukovych [Ukraine’s former president] removed, when there were only several months left of his office? Why was he ousted? 

From my point of view it is quite simple. The United States needed Sevastopol [Crimean port] -the port, without which Russia would be doomed.

As one CIA general said, Russians cannot be changed. Their cultural code does not accept American values. It's easier to destroy them. 

The official Ukrainian authorities could not abolish the agreement of the lease of Sevastopol to Russia. But the new Ukrainian authorities as a result of the coup could do this, by abolishing the law in order to take Sevastopol from Russia.

The problem with Sevastopol and Crimea was a direct consequence of US actions. Their plans were simple — to capture Sevastopol, to subject the Russian population in Ukraine to maximum repressions so that the Russian population would  leave Ukraine.  This would be followed by intensifying the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, in the hope that Russia would get bogged down, losing politically and economically.

With this coup begins the history of the conflict between Russia and  Ukraine. One illegal action gives rise to another illegal action. A person who violates the laws becomes the aggressor. This aggression sooner or later stumbles on counter-aggression.

The Russian president said that if missile systems are installed in Kharkov, the missile flight time to Moscow will be just 3 minutes. This is a situation close to a disaster and it threatens to destroy Russia. Repeated requests to slow down this process of missile installation were met with strong rejection.

Israel is bombing targets in Iran because it believes they could threaten it. America bombs Iraq and other countries because it believes that these countries infringe its interests. Russia must defend itself in order to survive. The consequences of not defending itself will be a death sentence.  As such the logic of Russia's actions is understandable.  It has nothing to do with Ukraine, but the fact that NATO,  which is controlled by America, wants to bring it’s armed forces as close as possible to Russian borders as it was in Donetsk.  Once established near the borders, when there is an excess of  forces, NATO will begin a decisive immediate mass bombing and destruction of Russia.

Everyone wants to survive. Everyone has their own individual perspective but there is only one truth.  The truth lies in love, in unity, in cooperation, and not in the destruction of an opponent. But we were not taught how to resolve conflicts. It seems that that all American films and cartoons follow the same narrative — the complete total destruction of the opponent.

While historically Russia accepted new territories, new ethnic minorities into its composition, American history began with the destruction of the Indians and continues this trend today. The conflict with Russia, which is trying to follow the Christian commandments and America, which is moving away from these commandments -  is the main war and the main conflict of our time.

Unfortunately Europe and America are moving away from Christianity and from believing in God. The result of this is not observing the commandments and consequenty moving away from morality. This is followed by homosexuality, pedophilia, lies, theft, robbery and murder.  One entails the other.

The Bible says: «Whoever breaks one commandment is guilty of breaking them all’. Moving away from faith and morality is a catastrophe which is advancing on our civilization. These are the laws of the Universe. You can't change them. As Schopenhauer said: 'Culture gives birth to civilization and civilization kills culture.'

In the past societies, states, civilizations that killed culture did not have a future. And this is not only a statement in the Bible, there are objective facts and evidence in mankind  point to this as well.  The main war that is now burning is in our souls and in our heads. What is more important — food, money and prosperity or love in the soul and morality? And who is right? There is a need to understand it yourself. 


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