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10 march 2022

I have received questions about the current situation in Ukraine.  I also received many comments, many with curses, accusations and condemnation. 

I sympathize with both the Ukrainians and Russian soldiers.

We're used to looking for the guilty party. I have always said that there is a guilty party. However, this is our imperfect thinking and misunderstanding of Christianity and its essence. Trying to live by our own [human] laws [which do not reflect the laws of the Universe] is doomed to result in bloody conflicts.

The main problem for America is false values. It is the worship of the mammoth which is the reduction of human happiness to just money,  success and power.

The main problem for Ukraine is wrong thinking. We can all see what wrong thinking is leading to. 

 The main problem for Russia is the lack of goals and in addition wrong thinking. When there is no higher goal, when ideology is prohibited, a person will choose a personal goal related to his own self interest, to his material possessions and his prosperity. For a person cannot live without a goal. 

What has been happening in Russia until now? Why does such arrogance exist among officials towards the people?

All countries are having the same problem. They believe that their compass is correct and do not notice that the compass is in fact faulty. 

Why is it faulty? What is the cause of the current war or military operation? The initial reaction is that this is Russia’s fault.  Russia attacked Ukraine.

I can name the true culprit in the loss of Crimea. Of course, we can name several people who led the coup organized by America. But it's not about them. The reason for the loss of Crimea was fascism.  The thinking that does not have compassion and hope for the opponent. If there had been no repressions towards the Russian population living in Ukraine, if Ukraine, which wants to unite with the West,  respected Western norms, as is the case in many European countries. For example​ in Switzerland where there are three state languages, it works perfectly, where different nationalities live side by side.

So if it were not for the elimination of rights of the Russian population living in Ukraine, and deliberately harsh measures to those who disagree, to those who wanted to maintain their language according to European laws.  If this  clear fascism had not existed, the people in Crimea would not have united to defend themselves and talk about independence.

If a coup occurred in the country, and some people did not accept it, then the new government must explain why they seized power, what they will give to the people and why they are better than the previous government.

 But when punitive measures are implemented instead and are reinforced by laws — this has the effect of aggravating the situation. The fear which the governmentt applies to suppress those who disagree can end up having the opposite effect and backfire on the government.

I haven't read the research on this topic so I'll just express my opinion as an ordinary citizen. Where did the ideology of fascism come from? 

It is said that it appeared in Italy, but acquired so to speak, ideological foundations in Germany. Some of the ideological foundations are borrowed from the Indian tradition, some from Judaism, and others are from the mentality of the German people who embraced fascism.

Let’s find out the reasons why Hitler used elements of Indian philosophy, what aspects he took from Judaism, and how his view differed from these movements. Hitler’s idea was simple and known as National Socialism. Why socialism? Because one of the ideas of socialism is the construction of a happy society for the proletariat. If the workers and peasants felt humiliated and to some extent inferior before socialism, then the effect of socialism was simply to swap these two concepts. If the rich ruled before socialism, after its arrival now the poor should rule. The rich were deprived not only of their privileges, but also of their rights, killed or expelled. This was followed by the proletariat starting to be in charge. In essence socialism was the idea of ​violence of one class against another.  One class was full-fledged, and the other class (that is, the rich) was inferior and consequently affected in it’s rights.

Hitler liked this idea. And he applied it not to the proletariat but to nationality. And the result was the ‘chosen’ people appeared and the underdogs with whom you could do anything. Because only a sense of unity stops the desire to steal from another, to kill, to humiliate him, to live at his expense. This sense of unity appears when a person has faith and morality. The effect of religion which reflects the law of the universe, is to save us from these soul-destroying views. 

As people we are like leaves on a tree – each of us is outwardly separated from the other. But our soul is connected to the same field, we are all united at the field level. Individual leaves sit on the same branch. If I look at the leaves very closely, I see the leaves. If I am 10 meters away — I see the branch with the leaves. If I stand further away — I see the crown. If I stand even further away – I see the crown and the trunk. Then I find out that there are also roots. And all of this is called a tree.

So at the level of the subconscious, deep in our soul, we are all a single unity. That is, a single organism. Therefore hatred to another always turns to hatred of oneself and ultimately self-destruction. Therefore religion says «love your neighbor,» and «forgive». Religion asks for the notion of equality. We are all equal before God. And this is a condition for the development of a normal civilisation.

Why did fascism go in the wrong direction? Fascism used the theme of castes in India, the chosen people. 

There is a caste of Kshatriyas — warriors, politicians. A caste of Vaishyas — merchants, a caste of Shudras. 

Hitler liked that idea. But Hitler missed the main point. Brahmans — clergy in India — were not engaged in inflating their sense of superiority and subjugating other people, their purpose was to convey sacred knowledge — to memorize verses from the Vedas. And there were about two hundred thousand verses. Brahman's life was that of service to God for which he was given privileges. 

But the concept of castes did not arise with Hinduism. Hinduism said that every person has a certain purpose. If I am not mistaken, it's called varna. That is, everyone is born (according to their character) a priest/a teacher, or a warrior/a politician, or a merchant, or a person who works, so to speak, for a salary without a specific purpose in life. So in fact, Hitler took not the essence, but the form. And in form it appears that certain people can be the chosen ones.

Another influence was Judaism. When I was in Israel, I often heard about the superiority of Jews over all other people. «We are God-elected.» The word 'Jew’ means ‘passed to God’. I explained that the word «Jew» from my point of view, means ‘going to God’. This transition is not complete. The teachings of Christ allow completion of this transition. So were the Jewish people God-elected? Of course they were. I'll explain. 

The chosen ones are those who believe in God, go to God and observe the commandments. That is, the word «Jew» is not a nationality, it is a state of a person who believes in God and goes to him.

But people tend to turn the content into form and focus on form, forgetting about content. We are not talking about people whom God loves because these people love God, observe the commandments  and improve their human nature. We are talking simply about a nationality. If I am Jewish, I'm God-elected. And this will give rise to the desire of others to declare the same thing — God loves us even more than you. This is what Hitler adopted — the chosen people.

And finally — where does such ruthlessness come from in fascism, such rationality for lamp shades being made from human skin?  We need to utilise everything. Where does the inhumanity in fascism come from? We can say it comes from the essence of human nature. Not at all. Hitler, if I am not mistaken, said: burn, kill, do whatever you want and I will take responsibility. That is, a person was allowed to do any crime against morality. He was released from moral obligation. Permission to kill is a more serious crime than murder. The organiser of the murder must always be punished more than the perpetrator. It seems clear — Hitler is the author of this inhuman theory.

But let's remember what happened a few centuries earlier, before Hitler. This concerned the Catholic church and indulgences [written forgiveness]. This is when a person was forgiven all his sins in advance. You pay for forgiveness, and even those sins that you have yet to commit in the future will be forgiven. What do we make of this?

Did Hitler take his ideas from here? And it turns out that the lost church and priests who took the place of God and forgave sins, to a large extent could give rise to this effect, giving the advantage of form over content.




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