S.N. Lazarev About the Reasons Behind the Military Operation in Ukraine

Russia is Saving the World From Nuclear War
12 march 2022

If a person only sees what is in front of his nose, he will never understand what is happening.

The  Russian aggression, visible to everyone, was a reaction to the gathering of 130 thousand Ukrainian soldiers at the borders who were ready to storm Donetsk and Crimea at the end of February, and carry out a massacre. 

This was one of the reasons behind the military conflict. This reason, so to speak, appears to have provoked the special operation.

However there are deeper reasons behind this conflict. Ukraine had decided to join NATO and to place American missiles on its territory. To have 3 minutes of flight range in place from the missile location, is a disaster which requires decisive action. 

Russia had tried to negotiate with the West and deter NATO forces in order to prevent nuclear war, but no one wanted to listen. Neither in Europe or America. The question is then — who is to be hated when Russia is frantically struggling to prevent a possible nuclear war, and Europe and America are pushing Russia into a nuclear war? 

America is pushing almost the entire world towards a nuclear apocalypse.  It is provoking Russia in every possible way and Ukraine has become a bargaining chip. 

Russia needs to be weakened. It needs to be provoked into a local war, and then, once it has weakened, it can be bombed. 

The logic of Russia is clear. It wants to survive. It wants to survive not only at a local level of conflict, but also in a nuclear war. In order to do this, Russia needs to remove that stranglehold.

In order to remove the stranglehold, Russia needs to stop  America pushing troops and equipment to the borders. If troops and equipment are pushed to the border — there will be war, this is the law.

But in this case the war will be nuclear.

In fact, it is by attacking Ukraine and trying to force Ukraine to take the status of a neutral state, that Russia saves the world from nuclear war.

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