S.N. Lazarev About Fascism Part 2

31 march 2022

From my point of view, fascism and ruthlessness result from a weakening of faith in God. Protestantism was derived from Catholicism as a reaction to Catholicism.  Protestantism tries to find a way to God without accepting the help of  an intermediary, but there is little faith in God and inner understanding. Everything boils down to rationality. Human logic wins.  Rationality assumes priority over love. This non-compassionate view will be eventually accompanied by cruelty and  callousness. A person who loses faith in God, does not benefit from the best qualities of the soul.  Where logic and rationality take precedence, the soul degenerates and such a person can no longer be compassionate.  He will eventually become half robot and half animal.

Taking the idea of ​ ​superiority and selectivity from Indian philosophy and Judaism and discarding the content. This is followed  by focusing on power as the main goal. The result is, in fact Satanism. This is when the desire to rule is more important than love. This was used by Hitler to create an ideology that united the Germans.

 Looking more closely at this ideology. It has been noted by scientists who have observed what happens when different tribes meet. The result is that very quickly there is an exchange of tools and household items.   After this, the exchange of customs takes place much more slowly.  But there is little exchange of religious views.

Why? Because our deepest core beliefs, the most important values is our worldview. This is our religion. It penetrates deepest into the soul. Customs that are associated with the people and nationality are at a more superficial level.  Our values at the household level — well, these are at the most superficial level.

What does this mean in practice? 

A person is a social being.  In order to survive, a person needs to unite with other people. Otherwise, he will not develop his speech and logic, and he will be an animal. For a community to exist, a person needs to be united by somebody or something. So, in the first place, tribes united with the desire to survive and follow a leader.  This was the one who was most intelligent, energetic, and had the best strategic views.  He was trusted, and by his judgment — correctly assessing a situation, he protected and saved the tribe. The effect of this was that people were united by a leader with high moral qualities.

I gave an example of the male monkey who was a leader.  So when several other competing young monkeys tried to fight him and take his place, the leader monkey began to defend himself. At some point, when he felt he was losing, he shielded himself with a cub,  and no one said anything nor made any sounds.  Soon it became clear that he was no longer the leader. One of the young males took his place and the ex-leader remained in the pack.  The ex-leader protected the pack but he lost the right to copulate with the females. He lost face, as they say in the East. That is, animals, it turns out, also have concepts of honour.  The effect of this is that cowardly monkeys will not be chosen as leader.

So, the most basic form of human unification is through a leader. A more advanced form of unification is through customs which are the same for everyone. People are united on the basis of a common language and a nation arises from a tribe that differs from other nations by customs, and ultimately recognizes itself through its nationality.  The highest level of unification of people is through religion.  The Almighty is one. All are absolutely united in God. Everyone, that is rich and poor including rulers, have to answer to moral laws.  The result was that religion rallied people and allowed them to survive. It did this by the creation of the correct state laws that were derived from the commandments. Moreover, the Jewish people, having lost their state, managed to create a new state when people identified themselves with the commandments.

What do we now see? Faith in God is being lost in modern civilization. On the surface some people may still be talking about faith in God, but real faith is being lost.  It is clear that Europe and America are moving away from faith. If there are already some Satanic churches in a country like America, what faith in God are we talking about?

When there is no faith in God, the result is a lack of morality, compassion or unity.  Without faith a person only unites at the level of an idea or nationality. Ideas are above nationality.  When religion began to collapse, those who spoke of socialism were trying to introduce the new idea. Socialism made the promise of building a beautiful society for the future and where you can live and perform heroic acts for the sake of this idea.

This idea took over the mindset in the population leaving only a few believing in God.  That is why everyone seized on the concept of socialism because people need a higher goal in life.  Ultimately, however, this idea collapsed. What other ideas remain? The idea of nationality.

But where nationality is raised to an absolute value — this is fascism.

Where a person who does not belong to this nationality, his rights are limited. When the attitude towards another is determined by a sense of superiority and not by commandments, then the result is always deplorable.

The Germans were left humiliated and defeated after the First World War.  At the time when they were living in poverty, with colossal inflation, they naturally supported Hitler who promised the restoration of the economy and all kinds of other benefits. The fact that it was mainly at the expense of the rich Jews did not deter them. As it turned out that Jews were inferior to Germans.

 But when you press someone, sooner or later someone else will press you as a natural consequence, which happened to fascist Germany. There were 40 assassination attempts on Hitler. His chance of survival was one in 2 and a half trillion. Yet he survived. What for? 

He said: ‘I believe in fate, if God pleases, then I will die in 2 days.'  But he was left to live and for all to see what the idea of​ fascism led to.  This is the idea of ​total superiority of some over others. 

Now the simple question is: why did Ukraine adopt fascism?

This is because the Ukrainian people took shape as a state only recently, thanks to the decrees of Lenin.  Because the territory of Ukraine was under another country all the time. It was under Poland and under Russia. The people did not have their own statehood but there was a desire to have their own state. As a consequence, a critical attitude grew towards Moscow. When the Soviet Union collapsed, everyone began to think only about money. There was a need to be united but you can’t ensure unity by money alone. The result is that those who unite by money alone are a gang that this does not last long. A higher level of unity results from nationality. The Ukrainian people, who were always very critical of socialism, were striving to be united with Europe. They forgot about their inner faith and looked to the best quick and effective means of unification — nationality.

But for the sake of unity, it is necessary to move from nationality to religion. This did not happen straightaway.  On the contrary, the idea of nationality began to inflate when allegations about the inferiority of other nationalities and the superiority of Ukrainians were made at official state level.  This was a disaster which resulted in the collapse of the state.

I want to emphasise again. A guilty party exists. This follows from our pagan thinking, where there is a lack of higher goals, and a willingness to be cruel to others. It is where we put our interests, desires and instincts above love, morality and faith.

Now our civilization is losing faith in God. There is a tendency for countries that do not focus on morality and culture, or fight the tendencies of homosexuality, paedophilia, promiscuity and the destruction of the family to turn to fascism.

Ukraine adopted the rules of the West.  But it did not work out in Russia,  even though the corrupt officials tried really hard.  This is because homosexuality, paedophilia, cruelty, worship of sex, power and money and moral decomposition are not welcome by Russians. Russians are not used to it as many values still remain from socialism.  Although it set wrong goals, Socialism was formed from Christian principles.   This unity and compassion is still entrenched in the consciousness of the people and the state. This is why Russian policies are different from American policies.

The fact that a war broke out means  the inability to think and the lack of faith in God.

Therefore all of us need to think not about revenge and hatred, but about whether we can maintain love and faith in God in these difficult, terrible, painful minutes and days. And for those for whom only hatred is left — this person simply goes further from faith in God and destroys his soul.


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