S.N. Lazarev About New Energy, Transformation and Recipe for the Survival of Our Civilization

13 may 2022

I included chapter 666 [in my book]. What is the meaning of this chapter? The revelation of John the Theologian was that a mark would be applied to the right hand and to the forehead, remember? Why? So that all selling and buying transactions would be monitored and there could be total control of people etc.  Do you know why the right hand and forehead was chosen? Because a chip that is implanted in a person's body would work for a longer time. In order to work, a chip relies on the temperature of the body in order to recharge its battery. The biggest temperature changes occur on the forehead and on the right hand. Why would people be chipped? In order to keep them under full control.

Where does the idea of ultimate control come from? There is one simple conclusion. If a state cannot govern its citizens from a moral perspective, then lawlessness will follow. This lawlessness can only be stopped by draconian methods including repression and increased control over the people.

Doesn't it remind you of anything? The 1930's in Soviet Union. First, they destroy their competitors in order for the socialist state to live.  And in order for a person to think only of the collective, the state, it was necessary to suppress the person by destroying his family and his nationality.  After this, the energy that remained was only directed towards the state.  In other words, socialism had a clear policy on the destruction of morality, the family and nationality. This manifested in the destruction of morality with the result of complete lawlessness in the 1920s. This was a period of enrichment for some, but simultaneously a complete moral decay of society. And then the leaders saw the consequence [of destruction of morality] was the disintegration of the country, because the country was un-united by religion, by morality and relied only on a bright future.

Then they came to the ultimate conclusion, that it was necessary to strictly suppress and control the people. But how do you suppress the people? How should you explain to the people that they need to be suppressed and controlled? This is done by creating an image of the enemy. An image of the enemy was then created. And then slogans were deployed of  ‘the enemy does not sleep’, and 'it is necessary to prepare for war'. This was against a background of constant ideological propaganda.  Having deployed the slogan ‘protection from enemies’ they had found their enemies, both external and internal.  They then began to exterminate their own people and control the people. This was a forced measure, which oddly enough, was a necessary measure.


Where people have lost their morals they are ruled by hard brute force. If we look at a primitive society:  justification can't be given when you need to do something. In primitive tribes, when you robbed someone or stole something, then you are considered a hero. When the pagan was asked ‘what is good and what is bad?’. He said: " If I took a wife away from another, it is good, but if my wife was taken away, it is bad. "

This is how the concept of good and evil look  in the primitive perception. So at the primitive level, only very tough laws of fear, violence and blood revenge will be effective. Only at such levels can a society survive. At a higher level there is love, morality and unity in society.  At this level, the cruel system of coercion is not needed.

When love and morality are destroyed,  then inevitably either society dies or a primitive system of control takes place.  In considering the advances of modern technology where control can happen in the form of chips, the surveillance and laws that follow means that a person can simply be destroyed.  After the Twin Towers in America were blown up, a law was passed permitting the detention of a person without trial indefinitely and to legally torture him when he is suspected of being a terrorist. Not bad.

In America authorities can now go inside someone’s property and search it. This is a situation now reminiscent of the 1930s in the Soviet Union. This was a similar situation, and many are saying that America is building socialism. In fact, America is not building socialism but reverting back to paganism, as socialism was in fact a pagan system. So America is entering an age of paganism and ultimately disintegration.

So in order to control the people, you need to create an image of the  enemy.

America has created it in the form of terrorism. Under the slogan of terrorism America has begun to control it’s people, and to put pressure on other countries. It’s a good method -  'the fight against world terrorism'.  America, of course, wants to apply this suppression scheme to the whole world. In this way it will be possible to have total control. Is this a logical behaviour? Yes, it is, and I will explain why. 

When society reaches a state when people have stopped trusting each other, then pagan thinking results. Then nuclear war is inevitable and the death of civilization is a natural consequence. 

[With regards to nuclear war] in the past it was necessary to carry a nuclear suitcase and to call the enemy, so at least there was a chance to postpone a nuclear war.  Now, however, there are only 2 minutes warning, after which the country suffers irreparable damage. A nuclear suitcase is no longer needed. There is now an automatic system, which enables destruction of the enemy on a computer. Can you imagine the implication of this? The slightest failure in the system will result in nuclear war.

How can this be prevented? There is only one option —  to exterminate all opponents so that only one country will have nuclear weapons. This is the logic of America and this follows pagan thinking. In monotheist thinking, we are all united on the planet but in the case of primitive thinking there is only one option — suppression and destruction of the enemy.

Therefore, with such a mindset, America has no choice but to try and destroy Russia. America’s logic is simple: to maximise the weakening of Ukraine in order to subordinate it and in so doing try to subordinate Russia. The world war has now begun and a war begins with a crisis.  A crisis occurs when there is a loss of love and a loss of energy. When a person loses love and energy, he becomes seriously ill.  This illness can lead to death, and provokes the person to return to love. According to this scheme, humanity is in crisis and is now ill.

Remember in the case of the Soviet Union — the pagan psychology:  If the enemy does not surrender, the enemy will be destroyed. This is not America’s fault, it is simply pagan thinking. And this is the form of thinking that Western countries are now adopting. This is the rejection of belief in God, the rejection of love and the rejection of unity.

But with nuclear weapons and modern technologies pagan thinking will result in death.  It must be recognised that we are in a severe crisis. This is an illness. A serious illness from which we will come out renewed. Not all will survive to tell the story.   Western countries will most likely have the most casualties but this can be explained by the so-called high standard of living. Russia has been through very difficult times, sustaining more loss and suffering with the result that it will have more prospects. This is quite natural.

So it is very important to understand that there is no one to blame for what  is happening in the world now.  This is a natural process of development and the process of formation of our consciousness. All religion receives divine energy, from which a world culture, a worldview is created. From this politics and economics emerge. However, where we do not follow God, the resut is that this energy ceases. We begin to die, and this is how civilizations die. Ultimately this is how states die. This is followed by new energy emerging and a renewal. Christianity is a unique religion because Christ said that we need to constantly make an effort to strive for God. Everyone of us needs to do it individually and not just follow the religious rules.  So it is necessary to periodically strive for God to receive new energy and to try to change and transform in order to survive. This is a recipe for the survival of civilization.



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