Real Changes Will Begin When Aspiring to Love Becomes Same as Breathing Air

Extract from an audio book by S.N. Lazarev
13 june 2022

Does society have any recipes on how to improve humanity at present? No, it doesn't.  

What does religion say? Religion closed the possibility of human development when it declared a person imperfect. 'Come to church and a priest will forgive your sins for money' — that's it.  Any development is impossible. 

What does science say? What can science say? Without love, society will inevitably deteriorate into fascism. That is getting rid of the unnecessary, inferior people. For example, a pensioner, from the perspective of some officials, is an inferior person. He is commercially unprofitable. Because he only takes. The fact that he gave money and paid taxes – is all in the past.  As he no longer develops the economy, but only takes from it. 

But society needs to be improved. Society must be more highly developed, which means that if there are less pensioners,  society will rise to a higher stage of development. Here's the logic. How is this different from fascism? It’s not.  This is the triumph of logic over heart.

 And the more our heart and soul diminish, the crueller and more serious will be the conclusions made by scientists, politicians and others. 

Compassion is disappearing and this is reflected in the decisions of officials and politicians. The choice is simple. We either go to God, and allow our soul to develop, or we turn away to ultimate self-destruction in the form of Satanism or fascism. 

What is fascism? Fascism is a result of Satanism, where form comes first and content comes second.

Envy and greed  impregnate each person initially, where each person will always have an opportunity to prioritise something else over love -  in the form of free will.  They will then suffer for it and eventually find the right way. There will also be constant temptation for each of us in the form of greed, envy and lust, and ambition for the sake of self-importance.

Therefore  'love for God'  and 'faith in God' does not mean that I merely decide to believe in God and do nothing more. It means that every day and every second I need to aspire to love and I need a desire to develop.

When aspiring to love becomes the same as breathing air — then real change will begin. 

However, many believe – 'I have made a breakthrough because I now believe in God and therefore I don’t need to do anything else'.

On a physical level we need to periodically observe lent and abstinence. This is called 'a sacrifice'. Being able to sacrifice is a good way to combat greed. But there is a small nuance. When we give to a person, we mainly make a financial sacrifice. But when we make a sacrifice for God, then we help, first of all, the soul of a person, and we will then know when  is best to give and when is best to restrict a person.

(1) Lazarev Sergey Official Channel — YouTube




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