S. N. Lazarev About How to Relieve Stress and Not Worry About the Future. Adapting to the World Around Us

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14 june 2022

It is very important, especially now that we are in a state of constant stress, to relieve stress through physical exercise – this is one of the best ways. When a person runs, walks or simply moves when he is stressed, this stress quickly diminishes. It is very important now to move, to walk as much as possible, to  be outside in nature and to swim. All of these are effective means of reducing stress.

What is the danger of stress? Stress in itself is not dangerous but the wrong attitude towards stress is the main danger. Negative emotions that remain for a long time are very dangerous: worrying about something or feeling offended for long periods of time will penetrate the subconscious and stay there indefinitely. I may have forgotten about the offence tomorrow but when it stays in my subconscious mind, this will cause energy loss and ultimately lead to illness. 

This is especially significant now because all inhabitants of the Earth are experiencing severe stress. We should not be living with negative emotions for a long time, overloading ourselves with work, or having regrets about the past and worrying about the future. 

By the way it was observed that  in extreme conditions those who died first were the people who had plans about the future and who dreamt about  a better life, all of which lead to an overactive mind. If things don’t go according to plan, this causes severe stress and loss of energy. This is why it’s important to live in the now.  Bible says: «Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself”. All Christ’s commandments are especially relevant now.

I may have plans for the future but I need to live in the present. Do not worry continually about the future, have regrets about the past or constantly look for enemies.

One of the biggest causes of loss of energy is fixation on justice. It’s the feeling that a person, life itself or Almighty are not treating us in a just way. 

It is a feeling of inner protest, which if it lasts for a long time, can penetrate the subconscious and completely drain us.

Therefore diminish all feelings of not accepting the present, having regrets and worrying about the future.

Everything that is happening now was decided by Almighty long ago.

If I want to change the world around me,  I need to not protest against it, not be angry about it, not despair but change myself through changing my inner self. 

This will change future events which will eventually change the present.

If we don’t like something, we need to fight by trying to improve the situation and avoid becoming aggressive or depressed.

When deep inner protest begins and discontent develops – this severe stress leads to muscle tension and to narrowing of the vessels and arteries. This is followed by the development of all sorts of other problems. The circulation suffers and the kidneys start working under pressure. The heart then has to work harder to deliver blood to the kidneys. The heart starts to get tired and the blood pressure falls from high to low. A person is more susceptible to a heart attack, stroke and hypertension. Hypertension is the main killer in the world at the moment. Why?   

We forgot how to really believe in God, how to accept Almighty Will and how to understand that Almighty controls the world on the internal level, and we control the world on the external level. So control on the external level is normal and a person should control a situation. However, the internal level is God’s territory and to go there with discontent or irritability is simply not recommended.

We can go there with love, humility and acceptance of God’s Will. By following these simple rules we can repair energy fields and we will have opportunities to adapt to the outside world by accepting the new energy which is coming to us.



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