S.N. Lazarev About How to Forgive Someone

27 june 2022

How do we feel love for people? Often people are mean to us and treat us unjustly. How do we forgive a person who was not fair to us?

God is the source of everything. God is inside every person. If we first see an image of God in every person and only next see their human imperfections, then our love becomes unconditional.

A person can change their clothes but their body remains unchanged. We love a person and not his clothes. Our body in its physical form is like clothes. We need to love not a person’s body but a person’s soul.

Because a person is a soul and a soul comes from God.

Therefore we should first love the Divine in every person and only then everything else.

And then we will realise that every person has love inside them, we will feel the initial purity in each person, and we only need to help a person to retain that love.


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