S.N. Lazarev About How to Overcome Root of Our Sins

27 june 2022

Hello, dear readers!

It’s easy to say ‘overcome your pride’ but it’s difficult to do. Pride is the root of sin. And we need to start from the roots. From the very beginning. If we start from the links which follow the roots and not from the roots themselves, it becomes more difficult to change anything.

Satan was an angel who did not place love in first place. Adam and Eve did not accept God’s Will and this lead to their growing ambitions and lust. Lastly, Cain had greed, envy and a readiness to rob and murder.

Therefore in order to overcome pride and become closer to God, we need to constantly overcome pride. We need to be aware of our pride at the very first stages and make every effort not to increase our pride.

The Bible in it’s oral form gives no explanation of the devil’s sin. It seems that the most important problem of overcoming pride and the reasons behind pride are not explained. I like the explanation of sin given in Islam. I was told how an angel turned into a devil in Islamic tradition. God created all living things, including a person, and told all angels to bow to the person. One angel said ‘how can I bow to such an imperfect, dirty and stupid creature? Never.’  And he became a devil.

There is a very important meaning here. Those who cannot feel the unity with an imperfect, weak and stupid person, cannot feel the Divine Will in everything. God is in everyoneGod, His Will and His Energy is everywhere. 

When we understand that everything comes from God, then when we see  that both a perfect or an imperfect person have God inside them.  

In physics they call it holographic universe: where every point of the universe and every object in the universe has complete information about the entire universe.

So how do pride or devil tendencies come about? They starts following the renunciation of love. It starts when we lose the feeling that everything in the world is united, when we no longer feel that everyone of us has the Divine in them. When we feel that someone is inferior, stupid or imperfect, that I am better and I am right and he is wrong, then on a subconscious level, renunciation of love occurs and devil tendencies result. 

Devil tendencies start suddenly without us noticing and when they manifest, it often looks like a serious illness or misfortune. This is why it’s important not to lose unity. To feel sorry for the imperfect who didn’t learn how to do things the right way and doesn’t understand that his actions will lead to numerous problems. 

Therefore if a person can’t or even doesn’t want to do things right we can’t condemn him. We need to help him to change.

The pagan level is the most primitive level of a conflict. A pagan is prepared to kill another person who did a wrong.

Judaism is a higher level of resolving a conflict: where ‘eye for eye’ or proportionate punishment apply with the consequent improvement of a person.

Christianity is not so much focused on punishment as motivating and goals. If we explain the problem to the person and help him to understand it, he will solve the problem himself and will do the right thing. This is on a completely different level.

So what do we need to do? We need to retain love. We need to accept Divine Will.

The acceptance of Divine Will does not mean suppressing our own will. If you look at a small child: does he need his own will? Yes. Does he need to listen to parents? Yes. A small child’s behaviour is a result of his parents’ will, who show and explain things to him and his own will and needs.

It’s the same with the Almighty. The Almighty Will manifests itself through the commandments. Therefore with regard to our relationships, our behaviour and our conflicts,if we first think about the commandments and only then think about our own ambitions, then we become kinder, softer, more understanding, more decisive and more independent.  Instead of creating hard conflicts, we start to form friendships, we start to collaborate and to help others.  The result is that every problem becomes easier to solve.

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