S.N. Lazarev About the Importance of Trusting Our Bodies and Knowing Our Limits

Extract from practice on the 19th June 2022
29 june 2022

An associate of mine called me yesterday and said that he couldn’t lower his blood pressure for around 5 or 6 days. He suffered from high blood pressure and had never had this problem before. Medication did not help him.  I asked him what had caused it and he said that he had been to the gym and had a workout. I said that it would be impossible to have high blood pressure as a result of a workout. He said that he didn’t really want to workout, but had forced himself.  I said that there must be another reason and asked if he had any problems. He said that he was going to be promoted at work.  After thinking about it, I told him to listen carefully so as not to make any mistakes.

This is what happened. When a promotion occurs at work -  we think that we simply come into a room and start working. But on a subconscious level, future events are already taking place in the present, and  a person is subconsciously reacting to future events in the present. What does this mean? There might be some difficult problem that will take place in the future at work.  We will need to make a big effort to solve the problem and our subconsciousness will start expending energy on solving that future problem. This is because for  the subconsciousness the future is the same as the present to us.

So our bodies need energy in order to solve future problems. Consequently, in the present we have less energy so that we will have this energy available in the future. But if a person wants to workout, have sex, and do other things, then suddenly he might have apathy, and even though he got enough sleep, he doesn’t want to do anything. He wants to be simply be lazy and he doesn’t understand what's happening. He thinks he needs to force himself and if he does, he takes the energy from his body by force.  He uses the energy which he needs to adapt to future events.

His body says: ok, you took the energy and now you are feeling what’s it’s like to have no energy. When a person has less energy, his blood pressure increases because his kidneys contract and his vessels become narrower, which is similar to being in cold water.

Not being able to lower high blood pressure means that the energy levels are still low and his body doesn’t want to give him energy. Why? Because he needs to solve future problems and if the future problems are not solved, everything will be ruined.

This means that instead of taking pills he needs to realise that he mustn’t force himself. The apparent lack of energy and not wanting to do anything could be a saviour and not mere laziness.

We need to trust our bodies, often our bodies know better than us what to do, we need to trust our feelings. If you don’t want to eat something – don’t eat it, if you don’t want to do something  — don’t do it.

 If you can avoid doing something you don’t want to do  — save your energy, don’t do it. 

How do we expend energy? Through bad habits: alcohol, sex, having regrets, worrying, overeating  -  all of it are different forms of energy loss. 

So it’s best to limit ourselves, even to be lazy sometimes if you don’t want to do something.  Pray in order to retain love,  accept the Divine Will and do things accordingly. And then events which will happen in the future and which cause us to change in the present may even happen unnoticed, naturally.

But for those who won’t have the energy these events might be traumatic. So trust your feelings, do not focus on logic, when logic comes first we can’t hear our heart. And it’s the heart which connects us to God and it’s through our heart we receive information from above. We can’t receive information through logic or through the body.

That’s whyit’s important to listen to our heart and our feelings, and they will tell us what to eat, what to do and what not to do.

 Live through your heart and place logic second. 

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