S.N. Lazarev About Love As Both Pain and Joy

4 july 2022

Hello dear readers!

 We can’t live without love.  Love gives us everything  — life, energy, health and success.

 It seems so simple  -  you only need to love, to increase love in your heart and you will be happy.

 But it’s more complicated than this. It’s an art form. Because love is not only about giving, love also takes. Love is not only about pleasure, love also means a readiness to make sacrifice for a loved one. And a person who only wants to take will not learn to love.  Because he doesn’t want to lose.

 A person who is able and ready to make sacrifice will know how to love.

Some sacrifices are voluntary and others are compulsory. Compulsory sacrifice occurs when someone upsets us, steals from us or treats us unjustly.

 And if we retain love in our heart by seeing the Divine Will in everything that happens, then we will pass the main test in life.

Christ said: "Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect’. And in order to be as God intended we need to learn how to love unconditionally.

This does not depend on anything and is a learning process.

Only a monotheist can learn how to love unconditionally.  The question is: how is monotheist’s logic different from pagan’s logic? For the monotheist his soul takes first place and for the pagan it is his body which comes first. 

The monotheist sees the world with all it’s contradictions: a soul allows us to see both sides of a coin. It allows a balanced view of the world.

Love is pain and joy.

But for the pagan  love is only joy and pleasure. That is the big difference. This is whyit’s very important to view the world in the right way and to realise that pain, problems and illness are all necessary elements of learning and development.

If we view our problems in this light, we will be able to overcome our problems.

But if see our problems as an evil which we need to get rid of and we only want.to see goodness, we will be surprised to see the goodness transforms itself into evil.

This is why we need adopt dialectic logic or monotheist logic in order to retain love in our souls.


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