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4 july 2022

I am constantly saying that a person has three instincts and the first instinct is the love for God - this instinct needs to be encouraged and any desires coming from love must not be suppressed.  


They must be realised. They only need to be helped.


However, desires connected to instincts that provide for life should be restrained because depending on those instincts leads to problems.


Being dependent on the instinct of self-preservation leads to greed, envy, fear, cruely and readiness to rob and murder another. 


Dependency on the instinct of reproduction leads to lust, excessive desire for pleasure. 


This drains our energy and eventually destroys our soul.


Therefore the extent to which we restrain ourselves from anger and lust, the extent to which we tune into love and act according to love — not according to selfish or lustful desires -will determine our overall balance and harmony.


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