S. N. Lazarev About Our Life as a Gleaming Diamond

4 july 2022

I was asked ‘what does it mean — to work for God?’ ‘What does it mean to eat for God?’

It is very simple. Working for God means working according to the love in your heart. 

I will give you an example. An acquaintance of mine told me a story.

He said ‘when I first joined the army I was told to clean toilets. All the toilets were very dirty. When I looked at them, I was in shock. 

I thought ‘I can’t clean them’. I was in such a state of despair, I didn’t know what to do. And then I  had a brainwave. I told myself:

‘I want to see a sparkling toilet.  To see it as clean as a shining diamond. I will make them shine’. And instead of dirt he started to see gleaming toilets. He cleaned them so well, they were a pleasure to look at. He said ‘Not even a squeamish thought crossed my mind because I changed my attitude.’

So if we compare our life to a dirty toilet andif we only see dirt, then our life will be an unhappy one.

We will limit our possibilities, we suppress our feelings, we become ill, we are even more unhappy and we don’t understand why our life is over and we are unhappy.

 But if we understand that no matter what the situation is, our life is a gleaming diamond,it just needs cleaning sometimes in those places where it’s a little dirty.

And in order to do this we just need to change for the better and perceive the world in a better light.

Once we understand this, then life starts to be completely different.


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