S.N. Lazarev About the First Step to Obsession

18 july 2022

What is passion or obsession?

This is not just attachment — it is a  feeling which makes us a slave and controls us. Why is it dangerous? Because when we are controlled by our obsessions which are linked to our instincts, then this represents a triumph of our instincts, and we stop following moral values. 

 In order to satisfy our obsessions we are prepared to commit any sin followed by any crime.

 How do obsessions begin?

This is very important to understand. When you are able to work with the causes you can fix the consequences very easily. It might sound odd, but the way in which obsessions begin is described clearly in the Bible. It is the sin of Eve, but more precisely it is the sin of the devil and the sin of Adam and Eve which occur at the same time.

The sin of the devil is the renunciation of love.

When we put something above love, then at first, we will feel immense pleasure, however strange this sounds. Why? Because love is dialectic. Love is not only pleasure and joy but also sacrifice and a readiness to lose.

When we renunciate love for pleasure, the amount of pleasure we experience increases rapidly. When we have love in the first place, then we will have faith in God and an understanding that God is great. We will understand that His Will is absolutely good for us, and we will be prepared to sacrifice everything for the love of God. 

When we give our love and energy internally to God as a sacrifice, this brings harmony to our soul. When a person turns away from God, he will experience large amounts of unspent energy. What can he do with this energy? This energy will then be spent on pleasure. The result is that a person who has turned away from God will at first experience euphoria as a sense of being invincible and feel.a sense of pleasure. It is no coincidence that the devil (Lucifer) is called the shining – where the shining light is an image of an abundance of energy.

When energy (which can give pleasure, power and the realisation of wishes) is put above love, then an invisible process begins. This feels like pleasure but infact destroys the soul.

 So a renunciation of love is the first step to obsession. 

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