S.N. Lazarev About the Second Step to Obsession

18 july 2022

The second step begins when my will and my wishes come first and the Divine Will comes second.  

What happens when my wishes come before the Divine Will? Naturally, I will be unable to accept anything not agreeing with my wishes. However, in the case of Divine Will, a person who renounces love, will start to insist on his wishes andwill become aggressive when his wishes are not met. His wishes become selfish, as they are based on his own ambitions, self interest and envy etc. 

 Not accepting the Divine Will manifests itself as behaviour aimed not towards love but towards other human emotions.

 In addition, it results in aninability to accept what has happened. A person starts to regret the past. He is unable to accept past events as they don't comply with his wishes. Such a person is annoyed and not happy with the present.

This person worries continually about the future which results in a loss of energy. 

The result is that obsessions suck out a person’s energy and once a fight with God begins then  inevitably that person will be unable to have a future.

This is followed by the non acceptance and resistance to the Divine Will, and a focus on one's own interests.  This results in a sudden increase in the significance of self interest and is followed by a person being unable to control his interests and desires.





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