S.N. Lazarev About the Dangers of Promiscuity in Women

18 july 2022

Ultimately the  strongest desires are connected to the reproduction instinct.

The worship of reproduction instinct results in the worship of life, sex and pleasure. 

The sin of Eve is not that she ate an apple.  It is that for her the instinct of reproduction, the instinct of the continuation of life became more important than love. This is a tendency of every woman.  Once this longing for pleasure takes precedence over love, a woman will become lustful, promiscuous and her descendants eventually die.

The descendants of a promiscuous woman are cursed for 10 generations.

Criminals, thiefs and murderers’ descendants are cursed for 4 generations but a promiscuous woman’s descendants are cursed for 10 generations. So promiscuity in women is a disaster. A woman doesn’t kill, doesn’t steal but only experiences pleasure.

It turns out that immoderation in desires, especially sexual desires is the destruction of future generations.

In my opinion the way Lars von Trier did a scene in the film 'Antichrist' was genius. He showed the mechanism of loosing future generations which results from the worship of desires.

 The film starts with the scene where a man and a woman are having sex. The woman is about to orgasm when she sees her little son who is climbing towards a window and realises that  he will fall out of the window. She has a choice: to orgasm or save her son and she chooses the orgasm.

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