We Need to Believe Our Feelings in order to Find Our Fate

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
15 august 2022

Every one of us wants to be happy and to have a prosperous future. In order to control our fate and for it to be prosperous, we need to have prosperity in our souls.  It is our inner state and our character that determine our fate. But you already knew this.

 I wanted to bring to your attention some important details.

 With regards to accepting our fate. We all know the story of Abraham. 

He lived to almost 100 years.  He had no children.  He had wealth, friends and was respected in society.  Then suddenly, the Almighty comes to him in a dream and says ‘Leave this place’.

Not everyone sees God in their dreams.

But everyone has an inner feeling which almost compels them what to do.

It is very difficult to take notice and pay attentioin to this feeling when it contradicts our tranquillity, stability and contradicts our view of happiness.

However, without this inner feeling controlling us, we are often unable to fulfil our fate and start having serious problems.

I remember watching a short video on TV.  It was about a woman who worked as a doctor when she became ill and they found a brain cancer which was not treatable. She had no chance of survival until suddenly she had an inner voice which said she should become a shaman. She had a medical degree but she listened to this voice and her cancer disappeared.

Often people fight their fate without realising that their fate could be completely different from their view of happiness.

What do we need to do in order to hear the voice of our fate?

We need to believe in our feelings and put our soul first. 

We need to be ready to lose material and spiritual wealth in favour of this unconscious feeling which persists in our soul and pushes us to new actions.

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