S.N. Lazarev About Our Bodies as Divine Vessels

18 august 2022

At one time, I was experiencing work overload. 

This is because I had forgotten that

our body is a divine vessel which needs to be cherished and cared for. 

The consequences of overwork were long lasting and it was a miracle that I survived.  

However, I had reached a point where I decided I was in good enough form to do a live seminar.  The consequences of doing a live seminar would require a great deal of energy. The seminar had already been advertised, when my mother-in-law called me to say that an acquaintance of ours had contacted her recently, saying some strange things.  He told her that he had a dream, where he recalled someone telling him to let me know that I should not go ahead with what I was contemplating. 

I understood this to mean that I should not go ahead with the seminar.

I took his advice and cancelled the seminar. 

I later realised that this had saved my life.


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