S.N. Lazarev About the Importance of Changing

18 august 2022

[In my personal experience] I really wanted to share information but  this needed to be done without forcing [myself]. While I thought that to I had to share this information in a certain way, my fate said 'no, you need to do this in a different way’.

To listen to our fate requires us to trust our feelings. 

We should not to be solely attached to prosperity, stability and our plans. We should be kind to ourselves. 

We should always be ready for change and be ready to become a new person to some extent.

 As St Peter said ‘we will not die but we will all change’.

There is a Chinese parable: 

 A philosopher comes to see his friend.  He sees that his friend's fangs are starting to grow in his mouth and his body is becoming covered in hair. His relatives are in shock.  They are staring at him and screaming in disbelief.  The philosopher says ‘don’t interrupt the transformation’.

 This can be explained as a process being underway. This happens with a certain regularity.  We need not be afraid, but should wait and see what happens.

 So I think that if we don’t change for the better then we will become monsters.


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