Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
18 august 2022

This feeling of vulnerability, being in awe of the Almighty and a readiness to change, to transform is a very important theme which we all have to go through.

 If we look at ancient fish which swam in the ocean, what did they dream about? To became a better fish? To become a more advanced fish? At the end who was left on Earth? Those ugly little fish with strange gills which allowed them to live out of water. Some fish remained fish and other fish left water, later become animals and the cycle of development continued.

[Change] results in much wider possibilities.

Therefore, we shouldn’t have a rigid view of the world. We need to change.

However, we need to know how we will change and who we will become.  

To do this, we need to become and imitate the person who accepted the Divine Will better than others and who foresaw the future.

This is Christ.

We need to learn to love. To put love in first place, to forgive and to understand that the purpose of life is not to go to heaven, but to become as perfect as our Heavenly Father.

To learn to love unconditionally,

To learn to put the soul in first place.

To understand that the main wealth in life, is the wealth of our souls, our character and our feelings. 

When we follow these main guides, it becomes easier to accept our fate.

 Yes, we can lose prosperity, our plans can collapse and our stability can disappear but our soul will become enriched.

 If we put our soul first, it is easier to hear our fate’s voice. It is easier for us to change and it is easier for us to survive.

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