The End of The World as a New Beginning

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
2 september 2022

One of the core things on which we rely is our future, our ideals, our worldview of  'how the world should be' as this represents our stability.

 When this all collapses i.e when our view of the world collapses,  then in order to survive we need to understand that each ending is a beginning, a new era. What we see as an end is in fact, in reality, a beginning.

Because the Universe represents  constant cycles of development and endings. Everything that is born will die. Therefore death is a physical end and the beginning of a new stage of existence without a body. So there is no complete end. However, we rely on religious myths, stories and images, which are out of touch and do not always correctly reflect what is really said in the Holy Books.
So when we refer to these images, we often feel despondent, which pauses the energy of the soul, and when this energy lowers, it affects ours and our children’s health.

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