Ability To Live In The Present as Basis For Survival

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
2 september 2022

What is illness?

It is adaptation to the future, to new conditions.

What else is important? Who can’t adapt?

For those who lived in concentration camps,  a definite tendency was noticed: those who planned and waited for their plans to come true, they were unable to get over the collapse of their plans, and died first.

So when a person lives for the future and trusts that their plans will come true in the future, which happens when logic comes first, they will be unable to overcome stress. 

In contrast,  the person who lives in the present will survive those who live in the future.

In the Bible it is called ‘don’t worry about tomorrow, live like birds’.

So those who follow the Bible’s commandments, they will survive.

Survival is the ability to live in the present, the ability to accept the present and realise our wishes.

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