Real control happens through emotions

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
2 september 2022

So the extent to which we put the soul first, to which we will believe in our feelings, will determine the extent to which are able to adapt.

Because our soul knows what will happen but our head does not know.

Therefore when our head starts to control everything, stress cannot not be overcome.

Why does the Bible say that ‘a lot of knowledge multiplies sorrow’? Because  a lot of knowledge is logic which tries to control the world.

However, logic can’t control the world. 

Logic doesn’t know what will happen in the future, but our soul knows.

Therefore real control happens through emotions, through feelings and through the subconscious. 

The person who understand it, fulfils the main commandment of Christ.   Now think about it, what is the main commandment of Christ?  We have the main commandments of Moses and they all work.   However, Christ gives explanation of the first commandment, how to learn how to love. The first of Christ’s 9 commandments is ‘blessed are the poor in spirit’.

This means  logic and mind come second and feelings and the soul come first.

The soul knows the future and when we live according to the soul, we are able to deal with any stress.

The soul is dialectical, it is eternal in essence. 

On the external level the soul is attached to the body, to the character of a  person. 


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