We Need to be Creative, Purposeful and Giving to Survive

3 september 2022

Who  will survive in extreme situation?

This is the person who is able not to depend on the situation but who is able to control the situation (on the inner level).  In order to exist, a person needs to realise his energy and to realise his wishes.

On an inner level he accepts the Divine Will and on the external level he realises his will.

The extent to which a person is creative, the extent to which he is purposeful, the extent to which he is giving, the extent to which he is prepared to give, will determine the extent  to which his energy increases.

When a person starts to become a consumer, he waits and hopes but doesn’t do anything, his energy decreases, and such a person will be unable to survive in extreme conditions.

First rule of survival in extreme conditions – have love in the soul, accept the Divine Will. 

The soul comes first.  It is the meaning of life and main happiness — becoming nearer to God, in developing, changing and making our characters better.

 Everything else comes and goes.

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