How to be in Harmony and Increase Energy and Creativity

Extract from practice by S.N. Lazarev
6 september 2022

When we follow these simple rules [when we have love in the soul, when we accept the Divine Will, when we develop, change and make our characters better], and the commandments tell us to follow these rules, then we are in harmony.

If we take the 10 commandments of Moses. The first 4 commandments on  how to treat God are 

love, awe, acceptance of God’s Will

and periodic detachment from everything in order to realise that the Divine comes in first place and human desires are in the second place.

Next commandments – respect for parents. If we are able not to judge, not feel above our parents, and not make ourselves too important, if we can put ourselves second, then our point of reference is love and not our own ambitions, and we are balanced.

When we are prepared to make something ourselves and not take it from other people, not feeling envy, greed and so on, then our energy will increase

The main instinct is love for God and the second and third instincts are reproduction and survival.

When we can restrain our animalistic desires, where our main energy is sexual energy, it goes to higher levels and transforms into creativity, love and faith. A person who does not restrain his desires and instincts starts to lose energy.

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