Restraining Our Desires Increases Energy

6 september 2022

I give an example of small children who were offered two marshmallows if they could wait for 30 minutes or they could have one marshmallow straight away.

There were those who could restrain themselves and could wait and there were only a few of them amongst 100 children.

They reached very high social level when they became adults. Those who could not restrain themselves were on lower social levels. Why?

Those who can restrain their desires will retain energy.

We lose energy when we don’t restrain ourselves. The ability to restrain ourselves in the name of Divine, when it comes to fasting, is not just fasting, it’sfasting in order to increase our love for the Almighty.

Those who can restrain their aggression and their lust, those who understand that the main aim is not in the interests of the body but the interests of the soul — those people will have energy, they have the  ability to adapt to any conditions, even the most harsh.

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