We Need to Believe that We Can Overcome Problems

6 september 2022

And it is very important to understand that if you believe that you will overcome the problems, you will overcome them. As Henry Ford said: ‘if you believe that you can do it, you will do it, if you believe that you can’t do, you won’t do it’. Because by our intention we open our abilities.

Our desires are our energy. Christ said: ‘knock and the door will be opened', 'believe (meaning you have desire, aspiration) and mountains will move’. Therefore what is important here? 

Faith in God is not just acceptance that God exists as is a common practice in ordinary religious tradition.

Faith is an aspiration.

Faith in God means aspiration to God, unity with Him and becoming more like Him.

And this means a change in our characters, and a change in our souls for the better.

This means that faith is not just a wait for a better life or acceptance of something, faith is an aspiration and readiness to change and the necessity to change.

 Therefore a person who believes in God,  is not a person who says that God exists and attends church. A person who believes in God is a person who in fact can change his character for the better, he can sacrifice and care, he can realise the potential of his soul.

He can aspire, he realises his wishes, he helps others, he is good natured and can restrain his instincts,  he is open – this is a person who believes in God.

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