We Need to Reinforce Love, Kindness and Optimism to Survive

6 september 2022

People who believe in God are those who in fact, by their actions show their readiness to put love first, to make it the main aim — those are the people who believe in God.

 Those who say that they believe, who observe the rituals, those are people who are preparing for believing but who are not believers yet.

 Therefore if we look at how many real believers there are on Earth, there are few.

A person who does a good deed is a believer.

And a person who is angry and judgemental is not a believer even if he calls himself a believer.

Therefore in extreme conditions as the previous experience of concentration camps and prisons have shown, first of all the believers survived. Then the aristocracy – people with principles, who can restrain themselves, who don’t want to be slaves to food and so on. In third place are ordinary people. And the shortest lives are lived by those who are angry, who hate and have a criminal mentality, however strange that sounds.

 Therefore those who will survive are kind, have love in their soul and believe in God, are energetic and optimistic.

 We all already have these qualities to some extent somehow, we just need to reinforce it.

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