S.N. Lazarev About Importance of Helping Our Descendants

23 september 2022

The topic of descendants is so important that it can be revisited many times. This is because the health and prosperity of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren is ultimately our health and our happiness.

When we transfer our problems to our children, then these problems resurface in the form of serious illness and misfortune. 

I was thinking of how to make this topic more accessible. I thought of when the Bible refers to particular thoughts,  behaviours and emotions that can be most damaging for future generations. I decided I will not talk about my work but I will start with the Bible. The first sin is the loss of love, followed by the inability to accept the Divine Will. When this happens the person has wrong emotions and sins in feelings so to speak more and more, which is then transfered to his behaviour or illness.

It’s clear that when a person doesn’t follow the commandments, it will lead to problems. These problems  affect not only the person but also his descendants. The New Testament says that descendants up to four generations will pay for the parents’ sins.

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