Diagnostics of Karma. Book 1.

Sergey Lazarev
Diagnostics of Karma. Book 1.
Diagnostics of Karma

Diagnostics of Karma. Book 1.

Sergey Lazarev
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"People need to learn to love: God, each other, the universe, the world around us, the past, the present and the future. Love is a complex art, achieved through continuous labour".


  • The Concept of a self-regulating Energy Field of and history of its Development
  • The Human as a Stable Energy Field
  • Extrasensory Testing
  • Technical Diagnostics
  • Culture, Art and Karmic structures of a Human
  • What is Devilry
  • Conclusion

This new book, which focuses on a topic of interest to many nowadays, is an explanation of the original concept of understanding of the laws of the spiritual world which control the material world. This is then followed by an analysis of the possibility of entering into the world of bioenergetics.

The main purpose of the book is to increase understanding of the world around us, to expose and to study the mechanisms that govern it, and to describe the rules of entry into bioenergetics. Perfection of a man must begin with a comprehension of the world, an understanding of its laws, and an awareness of a person as part of a unified system of the universe.

The information that I obtained as a result of exploring the energy field was significant in terms of its implications.

The Spiritual potential accumulated by saints, clairvoyants, the founders of world religions is now almost completely exhausted, and undeveloped strategic thinking becomes a serious threat. The enormous opportunities of bioenergetics are directed neither at understanding the world around us, nor at the foreseeing and prevention of future problems, but rather at solving primitive tactical, short-term objectives. Mankind has come to the point beyond which it will face either spiritual rebirth or its downfall. Salvation consists in a personal spiritual quest of every person, in his or her awareness of how each of us is responsible for the fate of the mankind and the life in the universe.

One last thing. Many readers may encounter quite unexpected and new information for themselves in the book, experience of which can be compared to fiction.

But I am a researcher, and, no matter how incredible the facts or conclusions given may seem to you, this is our current reality, which has been repeatedly verified and confirmed by the results of my work.

Reviews 2 5.0
Very interesting and useful information. Thanks for this book.
28 may 2020, 10:21
I read this book when I was 21. 23 years ago. It saved my life! I owe so much and I am always grateful for all your work! God bless you!
12 august 2020, 15:44

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