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We get a lot of warm feedback from people who have already benefited from our research and who want to support us in return. We are grateful for your interest and will continue to ensure that our information is available to everyone. We are currently developing audio versions of the books and seminars. We translate our books and seminars into multiple languages, and are continually developing new ways of disseminating important updates to reach people around the world.

We are grateful for your support, as every donation, regardless of size, will help us to continue to reach our audience.



S. N. Lazarev and team lazarev.ru express gratitude to all for support, letters and new information.

Currently there is lots of important information related to the research of S.N. Lazarev and we would like to have this information to reached the reader. Unfortunately our technical and financial capabilities are limited, so we are looking for people who can help. Thank you in advance for your help.

At the moment we need help in the following areas:

Promotion on the Internet, social networks and other media
Product design (books, lectures, seminars)
Promotion and distribution of books in other countries
Editing of texts in German
Translation of books into German, Spanish, Italian and translation editing
Send information about yourself to the e-mail address support@lazarev.ru ahhh! In the subject line, please indicate in which areas you can help.

We thank in advance those who will respond.


In the near future, we are waiting for another important event — the release of a new book by Sergei Nikolaevich for children and their parents. To help young readers, the book will be supplemented with visual illustrations that will make the assimilation of new knowledge interesting and easy.

If creating visual images to texts is your profession, you can become part of the team working on the creation of the book.

In the subject line, please indicate in which area you can help.