The First Step Into The Future

Who is he, a Man of the Future? What is the Kingdom of Heaven? How to transform yourself into a Superbeing? This book leads readers through analyzing the past, present, forecasting alternative scenarios, and reformulating goals and vision.

Author's Course
Ten Steps to Happy Life

Essential steps to enhance life quality. These simple steps, based on 30 years of research and experience, have brought about remarkable transformations in the lives of readers.

Diagnostics Of Karma

Russian bestseller and must-book for everyone who wants to learn about the real depths of bioenergetic healing.

Experiences Of Survival

Experiences Of Survival” explores the science, religions and psychology behind self-survival, examining real-life stories of people who have endured diseases and extreme situations. Lazarev S.N. reveals the essential qualities, spiritual meanings and mindset that can help in life.

by S. Lazarev
by S. Lazarev
by S. Lazarev
Sergey Lazarev
The works of Sergey Lazarev teach us how to access and preserve the energy required to maintain harmonious relationships, family and survival in the future. The thinker and researcher helps his readers to understand themselves, to change and find the prerequisites of problems and successfully prevent them.

Sergey Lazarev as one of our contemporaries, is a psychologist, philosopher and author of books about the spiritual path and human development. This man admirably combines the talents of scientist, thinker, writer, artist and being an enlightener and, above all, a bearer of light. For 30 years, he has been researching the connection between the soul and the body, the laws of karma, as well as the influence of our feelings, thoughts and deeds on the fate and health of a person.

This is the story of a man whose life and professional activity are connected with moving inwards – into the spiritual world of the personality, into a world that is difficult to comprehend and which remains behind the scenes of our everyday life. It is a journey like no other. A journey which Sergey Lazarev has been taking for more than thirty years. A journey in which he explores the great mysteries in life and shares his findings in his books, speeches and interviews. He reveals the meaning of life and his comprehension of the human soul according to this journey. He has publicised his work/ research on a wide scale since 1993, in seminars, presentations and lectures in the main cities across Russia and abroad. In recent years, S. Lazarev's communications with his audience, have been made available online, enabling him to reach a global audience and for them to participate in his seminars and practices.

Author's Course: Ten Steps to Happy Life
Essential steps to enhance life quality. These simple steps, based on 30 years of research and experience, have brought about remarkable transformations in the lives of readers. Life is too short and too precious not to be happy, so find positive tools for a meaningful, engaged and joyful life.
James Rhodes
After the course when I start writing down those things I only think about it at the end of the day, but once I make it a routine, I start to think about it all throughout the day. I found myself looking inward. Phenomenal changings. His books, his ideas inspire and also provoke the question: which path do I like to walk in this life and where is the final goal..
Mary Morrison
I was fortunate to get this course, to continue discovering Lazarev’s philosophy. I agree with all 10 steps he suggests. It’s going to make you happier. It’s not just good for you, it’s going to actually legitimately make you happier. Daily courses are helpful, and I have stuck with it even after finishing practices
Helen Thomas
Two years ago I received S.N. Lazarev's books and couldn't stop reading, because every chapter was exciting and written with the passion of a person who truly dedicates his emotional approach to understand people, life, Universe… He writes a picture of him that really touches the hearts and inflames the spirit of people around the world. This course is another spiritual, light, enjoyable and useful tool in keeping things in perspective in my daily life. Thank you
"People need to learn to love: God, each other, the universe, the world around us, the past, the present and the future. Love is a complex art, achieved through continuous labour".
Don't Judge the State of Your Soul by Your External State News by S. Lazarev Don't Judge the State of Your Soul by Your External State
Illnesses and troubles are our assistants in detaching ourselves from our instincts. When you begin to treat yourself and the world in the best way, the assistance in the form of illnesses will no longer be required. And our weakness is not a defeat at all.
11 April 2024
How to Cope with Stress News by S. Lazarev How to Cope with Stress
The phrase «relax, everything will be fine» is unlikely to calm a person who is on the verge of a breakdown. Rather, it will further increase scepticism and indignation. It is especially difficult to pull yourself together, not fall into despair and stabilise your emotions, when tragic events occur. It forces you to replace the real picture of the world with illusions.
11 April 2024
Why Didn't Christ's Disciples Understand Him? News by S. Lazarev Why Didn't Christ's Disciples Understand Him?
Jesus Christ often spoke to the people in parables. Parables did not have ready-made answers. Even the closest disciples could not always understand their meaning and turned to the Teacher for clarification.
11 April 2024
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