Experiences of Survival. Book 1

Sergey Lazarev
Experiences of Survival. Book 1

Experiences of Survival. Book 1

Sergey Lazarev
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Author gives us step-by-step self-help & self-improvement guide to navigating our way in this challenging world. In the process, we get a deeper, richer understanding of life and the power of experiences. We learn to pray, forgive, gain hope and peace of mind. There is nothing in this book that is not mentioned in the Bible, but there is also something else more: years of searching and invaluable experience of a man, who wants to help readers in search of hope and love. 

How to imagine God during prayer? How to recognize Him? Why haven’t we learned to live according to the commandments in a thousand years? How to preserve love and survive in the harsh modern world? People of different generations, professions and views on life openly talk about their experiences, thoughts and attitudes towards God and people. Responding to letters from readers, the author explains how to work on oneself, how to live according to instincts, and how a consumer attitude towards the Creator leads to the destruction of a person.

This book will be of interest to everyone who is looking for ways to salvation and enlightenment, who are looking for ways to accumulate love and gratitude to the Creator.

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Rating 5.0 1
Very interesting content, I recommend buying it.
22 december 2023, 15:48
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