Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Sergey Lazarev
Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Sergey Lazarev
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The thing I wanted to tell the readers in my latest book was: "My task is to bring you to the truth. I helped you to touch it, and then go by yourself. I tried to summarize all human values and put them into a number of main catergories. We should try to move away from the human and touch the divine, everything else - it's not  my business".

I forgot that the desires and dreams can come true, and this can happen not the way we imagine it to be. I wanted to help people experience the Divine and aimed my last book at doing it. But it was an illusion. Instead of quickly and easily writing the book, I suddenly became very sick. It lasted for half a year. Only then I realized that it is not a disease and not the price paid for the previous years of enormous stress. I just wanted to touch the Divine, and my wish was fulfilled. I did not realize that I was not prepared to fulfill that desire. It turns out you have to be worthy of your desires, but I did not know that at the time.

Eventually, after two years of continuous problems, I was able to locate  a deeper structure behind instincts, in which they were combined. At first I gave it a working title of "unity." Both instincts were present in it as a whole. Then, looking through hundreds and hundreds of situations where aggression  associated with this structure was present, I found another more expressive title: "human love." Then I realized the phrase of Christ: "The main enemies of  man - of his own household." It turns out that each person's soul during his or her lifetime is to make a major choice: unity with to one most important. If this unity with the Creator and love for Him is the highest pleasure, then there will be development. If the unity of a loved one and the world, then there will be fading.

I struggled to comprehend what had happened. To understand that oneness with God is higher than unity with the world, I had to undergo a period of decay and death. Despite ten years of continuous work on myself, great experience in forgiveness and acceptance of others in any situation. But when I came a little closer to the Divine, a the most powerful process of cleaning started. What will happen to other people, if they have to go through the same procedure? The only consolation was that it was very difficult to be the first to learn something new. When the path is already passed by someone, it is much easier for the others to go through.

Thus, all human values ??I brought to the unity of the world, the universe and the loved one. What remained was to take the final step from human to the Divine. I wrote about it in the twelfth book, "Diagnosis of karma." The book went to press, and suddenly, diagnosing, I was surprised to see that next to the structure of human love there was another structure, even more profound. My dreams of the completion of the system collapsed. At that moment, I finally realized that any complete view of the world stops energy and development ceases.

A person with a weak internal energy sees the universe as something fixed, unchanging and eternal. Previously, it was called the steady-state model of the universe. Upon increasing of the energy the representation of the world begins to change. And because our energy is constantly increasing, our view of the world has to undertake constant changing as well. But in the universe any process is quantized, i.e. takes place in portions. Each quantum-portion is a model of the universe. So, you can count on some temporary completeness and existence within a sustainable model of the world. There is period of rest between the portions. "I wonder - I thought - whether I'll be able at any time to create a sustainable model for the relationship between the human and the divine, or not? For seventeen years in a row there was a continuous change in models".

So, a new deeper structure emerged, hence it had more significance than a man with his instincts. Once again a regular work started. What violations makes a person dependent on this structure? How aggressive is he or she? How does it feel in doing so? Gradually an interesting picture began to emerge. The new structure has been associated with the structures of justice and righteousness. At some point, an insight came. Any human happiness and all values ??are reduced to the concept of "man", and dependence on the human "I" with his body and instincts can lead to a loss of unity with the Creator and may result in a disease. But it turned out that the man - it is primarily a spiritual entity who is only duplicated by the body.

Security and stability of the body, its functions, the inability to turn away from the attachments of the body, complete submission to one's instincts lead to disease and death. But there may be a security not only for the body but also for the spirit. An absolutization of spiritual needs provides an incredible feeling of one's rightfulness, fairness and transcendence of what you are doing. However, I noticed an interesting feature: when the dependence of the spiritual "I" becomes dangerous, aggression from spiritual structures goes to body and suffering of a body starts cleaning the spiritual shell.

Understanding this structure was also carried out in a dramatical way. When I started writing the twelfth book, I suddenly got aches in my right shoulder. The pain intensified, and soon I could not lift the arm. My doctors-buddies said that this pain is of articular origin, and advised various ointments. Nothing helped, the pain just intensified. My relatives forced me to undergo X-ray and ultrasound examinations, but doctors  didn't find anything definite. They supposed that those were age-related changes of the joints and mere accumulation of salts. But if so, pains had to occur when moving the hand, and what I had was basically an ache in the shoulder at night, when I went to sleep and the subconscious was opened. At night, from three to five hours, I could not sleep because of the unbearable pain in my shoulder.

I tried to recollect whether I had ever something like that or not. And suddenly I remembered this had already happened to me on the train, when I went to Odessa. Then published an announcement on the website. I wanted to open a free course on diagnosis and self-diagnosis, I wanted to teach everyone to be happy. And as soon as I was strengthened in this thought and began to think of training scheme, I suddenly got aches in the right shoulder. The pain was so severe, as if stabbed by knife, and I could not even raise my hand.

"The right side of the body is related to the future - I thought - there is something I'm doing wrong, I am not right in something". And suddenly realized that it was related to my courses. Any, even the superficial diagnosis comes from my vision of the subtle planes, and for the majority of people such contact may be dangerous. I mentally gave up this decision, gave up the feeling of rightfullness, and shoulder pain immediately was over.

But this time, after three or four months I could barely move my right arm. I had a feeling that this is connected with a sense of rightfulness. Suddenly, in my mind a picture of the Old Testament came out. When someone broke the Commandments, stole, lied, committed adultery, the Jews raised right hand and cursed him. I felt the pain in the shoulder blocks the feeling of rightfulness and usefulness of the information that emerged during writing of the twelfth book. I tried to pray, attempting to overcome the feeling of innocence, but nothing worked. It seemed to me that it is indeed associated with the book, and when I would finish it, the pains would pass away.

Six months later, observing my desperate condition, the relatives forced me to go to a well-known specialist. The young vigorous doctor examined my shoulder.

- Please, raise your hand forward and then to the right.

I tried to raise it as I could.

- You do not raise your hand but the shoulder, - he said anxiously, - I do not want to scare you, but if you practically can't move the hand for almost  half a year, it means the fusion of the joint. We need to create a new joint, and we don't conduct such operations here. Abroad, such operations are very expensive.

- What should I do?

He shrugged.

- Try to move the hand. By the way, do another scan, I have to determine how far has all gone.

I could not move the hand, because any movement hurted. I took the results of the scan to a specialist. The doctor looked at them and chuckled:

- It says here that you have torn ligaments of the shoulder joint, and everything else is normal. But I think that everything is mixed up.

- And what do I do? - I inquired.

- Try warm ups, massages and similar procedures - said the PhD, and then we will meet and talk.

I realized that I was kicked. Felt a little sorry for the brandy, presented in the hope of better mutual understanding. The paid advice I received in this institution, was no different from free. It turned out that several thousand rubles, paid for the reception, didn't make a person kinder or more attentive. In my heart dissatisfaction with this young and confident person was growing. He examined  famous athletes and achieved excellent results. Apparently I was of no interest to him.

"A great opportunity to accept the humiliation of goodness and justice," - I thought, and tried to calmly and kindly treat the situation. Fifteen days later, I finished the book. By the way, after consultation with a specialist for some reason I recollected a story about one of Indians who made ??a vow to to keep hand raised up for ten years. Three months later, his shoulder joint fused, merged and disappeared, so he had to keep his hand raised for the rest of the life.

So, after fifteen days, I finished the book. Twenty days later, the pains in my shoulder waned, and a month later I could raise my hand in any direction, and learned to forgive people their unfair treatment. And only then I remembered scenes of my youth. I had a situation where it was much easier for me to die than to forgive someone who betrayed me, and not to condemn a person who is immoral or mistaken. It turns out that this condition continued to be in my subconsciousness and all that dirt began to come out, when I tried to touch the Divine.

"It is an interesting thing - I thought - at some deep level jealousy and pride came together in the concept of human love, but with the further deepening of the two opposites existing as a whole, they establish a new opposition. The new opposition is a man as a spiritual being. Again, there are two competing entities, body and spirit. And it turns out that worshiping instincts is closer to the subject of jealousy, and worshiping spirit and higher consciousness is closer to the subject of pride. I understood why in India a saying was coined: the main enemy of a man is thought. Inability to abandon spirituality, the idea of rightfulness and justice leads to the worship of spiritual aspect of man, and then to physical. That is the feeling of complete righteousness and truth - this is already a future disease".

A person who thinks he or she is right has always someone to blame. The feeling of complete innocence in the subconscious mind is transformed into the feeling of absolute guilt of another person, and the program of destruction of the guilty person initiates. Once we forget that God controls every person, even the most guilty on the outside, the destruction program can not be stopped. So, human originated as a spiritual being, that is, at the field level, and only then as a physical being. However, like everything that we call matter, arose from vacuum, that is, from the space-field structures.

But I didn't experience the feeling of completeness. I returned again and again to the state in which I wrote the twelfth book. I was hoping to succeed - at last my dreams were coming true - and I was hoping to really help people. That resulted in utter humiliation, uncertainty and insecurity. That feeling of complete helplessness gave warmth to my soul for some reason. I kept thinking of many situations, trying to see what does aggressive behavior look like, depending on mind and body. And in the end I came to understanding of the concept of "soul". It was an even more profound and large-scale level. It was then I realized that soul appeared before spirit. That is the soul unites body and spirit together. And it seems that life appeared along with the entire universe as a form of soul. Then came spirit, i.e. life as a form of consciousness, and then came the physical aspect of life.

Because the universe is of holographic nature, not only in space but also in time, any situation simulates the universe. I have noticed long time ago that a human thinks by his or her feelings. So, first comes a feeling, and then it turns into a thought, or rather is framed by an idea, and then an action follows. That is the entire development process in the universe is repeated in every situation.

Again I remembered the feeling of complete helplessness and realized that the most dangerous thing for the soul is feeling of internal security and superiority. Because security is stability, that is stopping of energy and hence, loss of love and unity with God. For some reason the words of Lermontov come to my mind: "And he, rebellious, asks the storm as if the storm is peace". Ultimately, internal security closes us from God. After all, any alteration come from the Creator, and creativity is also impossible without destruction and change.

I thought that I spent seventeen years in continuous work, trying to understand causes of diseases, to bind all human values in a single unit, and came to realize to that what was being known long ago: all aspects of human happiness can be reduced to man himself, and person is body, spirit and soul united. Body is connected with matter, spirit - with space, and soul - with time. Time creates space and matter. Soul creates and feeds mind and body. If during the destruction of the body we keep the love of God, the body recovers. If during the destruction of the spirit we keep the love of God, the spirit is purified and the body recovers. And if during humiliations and the destruction of the soul we keep the love of the Creator and unity with Him, then we can easily handle the destruction of the mind and body and their subsequent recovery by love.   Soul is eternal in its main aspect, and its surface aspects are destroyed from time to time, so communication with God can take place only at the soul level, and the soul has to be clean. Neither by spirit, nor by consciousness, which is associated with the body, it is impossible to know God. Until we have at least one person to blame on the whole Earth, until there is any internal security and superiority, it is impossible to feel all the depth and scale of the love of God.

Jesus identified himself with love. Only the one who keeps a continuous internal unity with his father can call himself his son. Under normal circumstances, it is genetic, emotional unity. Jesus referred to himself as the Son of God, because in His soul has been a continuous feeling of love, which depended on nothing in the world. Therefore, he called himself the Son of God, and identified himself with love. For God is love. Therefore, he said that the kingdom of God will be found by those who are ready to lose the soul for him, that is for love.

Again, I recall the events of recent years. First you see the top of a mountain, and a desire to get up there emerges. Then you go on the journey, and tests and tribulations begin. I saw the top of the mountain, now I am aware of the way and ready to go. Perhaps you need to prepare for new challenges.

I remember my health problems while writing the twelfth book. When I had shoulder aches and I could not find out what was the reason, I tried to look at the problem from outside. My friend said that in the East there was a unique healer, whose treatment was very expensive, but was not a charlatan. Recently, he cured a guy from Bekhterev disease.

- We waned to help our mutual acquaintance, - said the friend - and sent his picture to the healer. He looked at her and said, "This man has cancer in the fourth stage. Time is short, but I can help". The man, at whose photo looked the healer, really had cancer in the fourth stage, but for some reason he did not want to be treated and a few months later he died.

After hearing this information, I decided to do the same. After a while my friends had the photo forwarded to the East. And in a couple of weeks, I met a man who had forwarded my photo.

- What did the healer say? - I'm wondering.

The man thinks.

- Well, the first thing he said when he saw your picture, you are a good man. And the second, that you have very serious joint problems.

- Shoulder? - I asked quickly.

- No, with your knees, and he said that there will eventually be a terrible pain and you won't be able to walk. And that he can cure all that.

- What is the treatment cost? - I asked.

The overall sum was roughly equivalent to the price of my two-room apartment in Moscow.

- This is, of course, expensive - the man said, apologizing - but I give you his words.

- By and large, everything is relative - I replied, - liver or kidney transplant costs the same. Please give my best regards to the healer and admiration for his talent. He's really a professional.

- By the way - the man becomes more active - when he treats someone with his herbs and energy, a changing in character of the patient happens. The guy who had to die from Bekhterev disease, was rough and categorical before that, and constantly condemned people. But after recovery I saw a remarkable change in him. He favorite expression from that time on was: "Forgive him and don't take that very much to heart."

- I think that was a bit different - I replied, - after an internal change in the character the disease left him.

- You think so? - Asked the interlocutor in surprise.

- Now I know that - I replied.

In the evening I came home and told the wife: "Think of three people, including me." After she did so, I started the blind diagnosis.

- The first one's condition is decent - I began. - The second - is almost dead, has almost no future, his condition is three times lower than the critical value. This man has a heightened sense of righteousness and of superiority. He can't take an insult and betrayal of the soul so internally he still retains high level of aggression towards women. After all, the biggest pain is where the greatest pleasure is.

- And what about the third one? - inquired the wife.

- The third one is all fine, a very good-natured and harmonious person. - And, unable to restrain myself, I quickly asked: - Third one - is that me?

- No, you're the second, - said his wife.

- It all fits, - I said. - The problem with the joints - it jealousy, I always explained that to patients. If higher feelings overshadow the love of God, the worship of them leads to aggression and destruction of the future, because the future, hyperfine planes and higher senses - are one and the same. And it seems that this problem is not just in me, but also in the children. To clean the children I need to overcome dependence on the future.

I sat there and thought: I must frankly admit that I still can not keep love, when I'm treated unfairly and what is called a spit in the soul. Hence, I have not yet built the system of priorities. When I started writing a new book, an acceleration of all processes and future challenges started to implement actively in the present. Immediately after realizing the problems I experienced a dramatic improvement of my health.

"An Interesting situation there is in the world - I thought, realizing that the time has come to begin the lecture. - In Judaism and Christianity the main rules of the salvation of souls and the resumption of one's future are clearly set out. It is logical to assume that both criminal and civil laws should follow in this direction. But all current legislation is based on Roman law, that's derived from the ancient Greek ideals of democracy. And it was a pagan state, and their laws are burdened with the energy of pagan worshiping of the human body and its instincts. That's why these democracies ended up very badly: first, the moral collapse - debauchery and homosexuality, and then the physical collapse".

I shake my head, trying to get away from the outside thoughts - time to move on to the diagnostics and the lectures. I see an enormous subconscious concentration on subtle planes. It turns out that to an Israelite it's impossible to accept humiliation of the spirit and the soul. In the room there are people, mostly from Russia, but I can see how much their energy affects the state of the country. How can I help them?

They will try to forgive, to accept their fate, but their soul protests. Yes, you can go through all the situations of collapsing consciousness and spirit, see the higher meaning and the possibility of purification from injustice, being wrong and insulting - it will ease the situation, improve the condition of the people sitting in the hall, but that wouldn't solve the problem. Energy flows through us, and that worldview determines where it will go and how we react to the world around us.

Two thousand years the Jewish people was humiliated and pursued all over the Earth, and so far he has not managed to overcome the feeling of superiority and security associated with a sense of God's chosen people. So, this problem is present in the whole present civilization. Terrorist attacks and continuous state of war in the current Israel shake every second the feeling of right and security, helping them to overcome it. But right now the overall situation is pessimistic. "That's enough - I think - it's time to start the lecture."

- The universe is one, - I start - and being continually expanded, it maintains the unity, that is, in the higher plane it is a point. The fact that the universe is expanding and swells, indicates new portions of time, space and matter coming from the First Cause. We get this energy, and it is transformed in us at different levels. But at the same time the system of priorities must be kept. The first thing is to take care of the roots, and then of the trunk and branches, and in the last instance - of the leaves. If the roots are cut off, then the tree will remain green and flourishing for some time, but it will be doomed. If you cut the trunk the old tree won't exist anymore, but in its place a new one can grow.

So, the roots - this is unity with God and the sense of continuous love for Him. If this unity is lost, any wealth that a person can have, are doomed to decay. The soul starts to degenerate, the mind and body degenerate as well. The Commandments set up in the Torah, have their main purpose: to preserve the unity with God. Now imagine: a person learns traffic rules, without which he or she can not drive a car. Later he or she knows all the rules by heart already and learns how to drive a car. And suddenly, keeping in mind hundreds of the rules and regulations, he or she makes only one violation, just one! Traveling in the opposite lane towards moving machines. After that, all the other rules ar of no use anymore.

In Judaism, there are 613 commandments and there are ten, of which originate all the rest. As the world is one, all the Ten Commandments have to be based on the single main one. And if we do not keep the first commandment then we break the other ten.

- Tell me - I appeal to the audience - what is the difference between sin and crime?

After a pause, I continue:

- Sin is the future crime. First, a person loses contact with God, then he begins to sin, and then commit crimes, then gets sick and dies. Sin is an offense against God. The Commandments transmitted through Moses allow anyone who follows them to preserve their future. Let's look at the Ten Commandments in this aspect. Please list me all the Commandments.

After a pause, comes the slow process of remembering. "It's interesting - I think - neither in Russia nor in Ukraine or in Israel, no one can really remember the major Commandments. Why, then, we need religion? To go mindlessly  to church and beg God for different benefits?! "

- So, the first commandment - I continue - says that God is one. How does it help a person to survive in the future?

The audience becomes silent.

- Look at what happened in India. First comes the most powerful impulse - the Indian philosophy says about the absolute root cause. Time passes and the momentum is weakening, there appear are number of incarnations of the One God: god the creator, the destroyer god, the god holding the universe in balance, and so on. Some time later the energy is reduced, and there is an even greater number of different gods. For example, in Hinduism, more than three million pagan gods, and the population of the country today is nearly a billion people.

When we feel that the Creator is absolutely one, we must compress the entire universe into a point to become like Him. Unity with God - this is the goal of any creature. Is it possible to run to multiple targets at the same time? You can not! You simply just stop. Paganism does not allow to ascend a high level of energy. A gentile can not get the higher energies of the Creator, and therefore has no future. Remember the Bible: If you forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day (heaven and earth), that you shall surely perish; As the nations which the Lord (God) destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish, because ye will not obey the voice of the Lord your God (Deut. 8, 19-20).

The people who worships pagan gods, is losing strategic prospects of survival because of inaccessibility of higher energies to him. We see today thriving atheistic China, booming pagan India. But we do not see how little is left of their old potential, which is actuated in the present.

The idea of degradation of a living being that has lost the sense of monotheism, is very well described in the Old Testament, where there is the story of a fallen angel, that is, Satan, or the devil.

- Tell me, please, which of the Commandments has the devil violated? - I ask and after listening to the answers, agree - right, the first and the second ones. As soon as the angel imagined that he was above God, it turned out that there were already two gods, that is, the principle of unity has been broken. A violation of the first Commandment automatically lead to a breach of the second one, the angel turned himself, his energy, his abilities and his intelligence to an idol. Which feelings, do you think, experienced the angel before becoming the devil?

After listening to the audience again I nod:

- That's right, a sense of superiority, security and loss of feeling that all are one in God. So as soon as we lose the sense of absolute unity of all things in the First Cause, which we call God, we have a sense of self importance, excellence and we soon lose the higher energy of love.

I told the audience about how the violation of the first Commandment inevitably distorts others. The first five Commandments warn us of what is called sin, and their violation breeds crime. We break the major Commandments not so much by behavior, but by our internal state. Anyone who can not keep love during affliction of any human happiness, violates the first and second Commandments. The one who worships material welfare becomes greedy and can not sacrifice. The one who worships the spiritual well-being, becomes categorical in condemning others and always feels right. The one who worships human soul and supreme feelings, abhors heartache, betrayal and dishonest attitude. Without feeling of love any pain becomes unbearable, so the loss of the feeling of love in the soul is a major violation, after which there is a negligence of all the Commandments, and the loss of the future in all forms.

"I wonder what will happen to us in the next fifteen to twenty years - I think. - What is up to us, and that does not depend on us? Will we be able to accept a new future? All this lies ahead, and now it's time to take the first step".


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Rating 5.0 2
A magnificent book, written in clear language. Thank you to the author for their effort and expertise.
12 march 2024, 10:09
Great book with interesting aspects of life. It helped me to properly construct my future when I found myself in a difficult situation. Thanks to the author.
28 december 2023, 14:10
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