Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Sergey Lazarev
Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Man of the Future. The First Step Into the Future.

Sergey Lazarev
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What will happen to us in the next fifteen to twenty years? What depends on us and what does not? Will we be able to accept the new future? One thing is clear: we have to make the first step. In his new book from the «Man of the Future» series the famous psychologist and philosopher Sergei Lazarev touches on topics that concern all of humanity. He shares with us the keys to forming lasting and joyful life in the future. The author summarizes all human values and put them into a number of main catergories. To answer the main questions about the future, with his usual thoroughness and depth, Sergey Lazarev turns to biblical motifs and phrases, to various religions and philosophies, scientific discoveries, the laws of cause and effect, and unusual real stories from lectures with his patients and readers. All these clarifications, transcriptions and discoveries are needed in order to consciously and lovingly accept the future and take the first step into it.

This book contains the most interesting stories and facts that can change the opinion of many on the origin of the world. A fascinating manner, inspiring and deep style of presentation will help you positively perceive the author’s wisdom and learn to apply his teachings in practice.

  Reviews 2
Rating 5.0 2
A magnificent book, written in clear language. Thank you to the author for their effort and expertise.
12 march 2024, 10:09
Great book with interesting aspects of life. It helped me to properly construct my future when I found myself in a difficult situation. Thanks to the author.
28 december 2023, 14:10
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