Dear readers and those who are just starting to get acquainted with the research of S. N. Lazarev!

In recent years, S. N. Lazarev has not held consultations and receptions. For many years, Sergey Nikolaevich has been creating a knowledge system with which you can independently sort out problems and overcome the most difficult life situations.

Reading books, watching videos, participating in online seminars give an understanding of what you need to work on, what to change in yourself and how to properly relate to the world in order to find a happy and healthy life.

Below are frequently asked questions asked by people who are starting to get acquainted with new information. 

Be able to see the Divine will in everything that happens. Don't fight it, but accept it. Let go. Go to the temple, pray and try to forgive everyone. Carefully review your life, your actions, feelings, emotions. Try to find the relationship between your actions and what is happening. In any critical situation, it is necessary first of all to take care that love is preserved in the soul. When there is a feeling of peace, love and warmth, when there is no fear, despondency, hatred or resentment, then start reading books and watching seminars.

Self-improvement is an internal change. Health problems, fate, misfortunes, betrayals, catastrophes, cataclysms - all this is a reflection of our inner state. What we have deep inside is what happens outside.

Working on yourself is a beneficial change of the soul, deep emotions. This is the ability to forgive. This is the ability to love. This is the ability to restrain aggressive feelings, instincts. It is the ability to feel the presence of the Divine Will in any situation.

Self-improvement is the ability to see the problems of one's character; it is a gradual, drop by drop, overcoming one's own resentments, despondency, tendency to condemn others; it is the ability to abstain, correctly pass the tests of temptation and much more, which contributes to real internal changes.

The first changes are not always accompanied by an improvement in the quality of life or recovery from all diseases. It also happens the other way around: on the external level, everything worsens, but at the same time the soul is put in order. Working on yourself is a long-term path, and not always the beginning of the path is accompanied by external positive changes. It is important not to stop at the very beginning, and then there will definitely be external results.

Since a person is primarily a soul, positive changes are a feeling of love for the soul, a feeling of lightness and joy, a sense of unity with the whole universe and the presence of God in everything, a sense of the reasonableness of all things and an understanding that all problems and troubles are temporary and superficial. When there is light in the soul, it means that beneficial changes begin. This may be accompanied by drastic changes in fate and health, but still the main indicator is our feelings.

The fact is that the first changes are not always accompanied by an improvement in the quality of life or a sharp recovery from all diseases, – it happens the other way around: on the external level, everything worsens, but at the same time the soul is put in order. Working on yourself is a long-term path, and not always the beginning of the path is accompanied by external positive changes.

Parents and children are closely connected spiritually and emotionally throughout their lives. Children are our continuation, so the worldview and actions of parents have a direct impact on the behavior and health of children. You can help your child if you start working on yourself: reconsider your attitude to life, learn to go through traumatic situations with love in your soul, stop being discouraged, offended, and judging other people.

The basic principle: if you want to help someone else, help yourself. In order to help a beggar financially, you need to be rich financially, and to help spiritually, you need to be spiritually rich yourself, be able to forgive, sacrifice, love. If a person does not change internally for the better, then how can he help another?

It should be understood that assistance aimed at real long-term changes in a person's life is not financial assistance, and not just words of support. First of all, it is a help to a person's soul, it is a help in his moral guidance and upbringing. Therefore, sometimes help can look like gentleness and care, and sometimes it can look like rigidity and infringement. It is this kind of help that guides a person on the right path, after which he will be able to find health and happiness on his own.

Morality and health are closely linked. A moral person will be rewarded, and an evil, hateful person will be punished, " this is written in the Sacred Books and this is confirmed by the entire history of human existence on Earth.


First you need to understand why you are watching seminars and reading books. If your goal is to immediately recover and become happy by swallowing a book like a magic pill, then there will be no result at all.Changes begin only when your attitude towards the world begins to change and your character changes. And to do this, you need to think not about momentary benefits, but about teaching your soul to love and forgive, so that Love becomes the only real value for it. Then reading books and watching seminars will really help you become healthier and happier. And, perhaps, quite quickly, if you set your priorities right right away. 


S. N. Lazarev's research is knowledge that has been tested experimentally and gives practical results. They require a serious attitude and a person's willingness to change.

If you expect, after reading the book, to become healthy and rich without doing anything, close it immediately. Real changes are achieved by hard work, it is a rather painful process. But consciously going in this direction, you can really change the fate, character, help your children, grandchildren and loved ones. By changing ourselves, we change the world around us. 

So, first you need basic knowledge, which should settle down and give the first impulse, then you need to gradually increase the amount of information, develop your understanding, your willingness to change and become a new person with a different character and destiny.

It is recommended to start acquaintance with reading books of the series "Diagnostics of karma". It was with them that the path of understanding the interrelationships of a person's health and destiny with his worldview, emotions, feelings and actions began. At the same time, it is possible to study seminars, lectures and collections on topics of interest or sequentially by steps, into which all video materials are divided.

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