10 march 2020

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Why some people can drink a lot but do not become alcoholics, and for others, this fondness turns into addiction?

Alcohol allows do break ties with the reality, to slow down consciousness and invoke love and kindness in the soul. Usually, people drink to neutralise mind and start to feel, to ease communication and open up more. Their goal is human contact.

An alcoholic chases positive emotion. His aim is to achieve euphoria and excitement. Why he has such a goal? When somebody harms his soul by renouncing love and morals, his soul suffers. Our soul cannot live without feeling inherent joy. It loses it and feels lost hurt when it gets attached to this world and forgets about God. Then earthly desires and passions get activate which increases the programme of self-destruction. Growing aggression makes it impossible to accept soul pain, so such a person will seek to fulfil this void with pleasures. Pleasure is the major enemy of love. Love gets replaced by the pleasure which becomes the dominant purpose.

Alcoholism is taking pleasure from the energy release which happens when drinking. Humans get pleasure from energy release. The quality beverage will not make a person drunk; it comes in the result of being intoxicated by the low-quality drink. Then the body starts fighting with poison by releasing subtle energy and a person feels high in the process. However, because this release is not caused by love or act of kindness — it triggers self-destruction. The loss of subtle energy cannot be replenished, thus the strategic reserve gets depleted. It acts like artificial energiser: the body gets wasted under the effect of stimulant. As a result of it, the process ageing and body weakening accelerate.

Nowadays wine contains huge doses of preservatives which is harmful. Most of the beverage is artificially made and contain spirit, sugar and colourings. Vodka is of low quality and beer affects the reproductive system and can cause oncology. Therefore advertising alcohol essentially leads to the sterilisation of the nation.

Drinking gives the effect of freedom from problems but in reality, it creates a big problem of the attachment to alcohol.

Alcohol destroys our control over the situation and it activates feelings, that is why we feel happy. But it is not our soul which is elated. Our feelings shift towards lust, pride turns into jealousy. Without faith and aspiration for God, one instinct gets replaced by another- that is why this addiction is closely linked to sexual depravity.

There are three levels of the control: physical, which is control over movement and coordination, spiritual – which is a mindful approach to situation;  on the soul level this is a future and relationships. Alcohol destroys all of them.

Losing physical control means that a person suffers from tremor, his coordination worsens due to drinking. He gradually loses his ability to mind-control and becomes stupid as a result of the brain block through drinking. Alcohol destroys connection with the future. To some degree, it helps to release attachment to the future, but regular consumption results in the loss of the future.

Excessive drinking destroys spiritual structures which are responsible for social connections. To maintain relationships we must constantly spend subtle energy. It goes towards forming souls of our future children. On the subtle planes, fondness for alcohol means not only as a death wish to self but to the future children in 4-7 generations.

Why the program of the destruction of the children switches on in someone who likes drinking? The liver cannot process all the poison and requires a lot of energy to neutralise them. But if the person is lacking the energy of love, this energy gets borrowed from descendants. Later he will be made to give it back- and on the physical level, it may look as infertility, or troubles, or everything at once.

Most dangerous is not the physical effect alcohol have on the body. The destruction of control and the centres of coordination gets activated and goes on regardless of the amount of drinking. That is why alcoholics get drunk quickly. I.e. the program of auto-destruction turns on but a person feels happiness in the process.

Alcohol opens the gates for other sins by making a soul rough and invoking low urges. It effectively mutes human conscience which is a voice of love in a soul, paving the way for further transgressions. If a parent was fond of alcohol before having a child, it can not only give physical disability but mutilate a child’s soul sealing it and depriving of love and faith. Drinking brings criminals to the world. Young women’s drinking is dangerous in particular.

It has been long noted that those who drink alone turn into alcoholics. It happens because pleasure – and not communication – becomes the main purpose. There is a tradition in the wine-making communities, to say long speeches in the gatherings before people start drinking. Giving energy away will stop developing an attachment to pleasure.

Often the reason behind husband’s drinking is his proud and jealous wife who’s accumulated much aggression out of her attachment to sex and relationships. The more woman attached to her loved one – the harder it for her to accept pain and the bigger her aggression will be. On the subtle planes, a proud and jealous woman constantly attacks and kills her husband. Alcohol helps to lower his dependency on his consciousness and desires by shaking them, so the woman cannot break his defence and it saves him from her. However if a man is incapable of self-change – he will have to increase the dose. Eventually, he can divorce his wife or become a drunkard.

What are the signs of becoming an alcoholic? When a person drinks alone, in the mornings, can drink anything which makes him feel high or drinks less and less and gets drunk more.

For whom alcohol is safe?

1) who doesn’t drink low-quality spirit. It means, he gets pleasure from the quality of wine and doesn't need to get drunk.

2) who is not fond of hard liquor

3) who doesn’t drink alone

4) who doesn’t drink too often.

5) who doesn’t think that “celebrating” means “drinking”

6) who doesn’t mix sex and alcohol 

7) who doesn’t need alcohol to be happy

8) who can abstain from alcohol for long periods

Nowadays our attachments have got stronger and consuming alcohol leads to a soul becoming unable to cleanse. Subsequently, cleanse is met by the programme of self-destruction. In critical periods, in spring (February-March-April) and autumn (August- September- October), drinking is very dangerous because during this time the feeling of love activates in our subconsciousness which gives us new energy. Turning this energy into lust deprives us and our children the energy of the future.

It has been long known that the best remedy against alcohol and drugs- is faith. It is love in the soul. It is a healthy way of life and healthy habits. The best way to combat stress is to accumulate the Divine in the soul, which is felt like when we enjoy human happiness but do not depend on it.

When we feel stressed we must avoid judging the situation and try to invoke a warm feeling instead. We must feel the Divine Will first and can turn on our mind thereafter. The best defence against stress is to understand that it did not come randomly and has a Higher logic. Start believing in God, in His love for us. Because God loves us, we must love Him too. And all our problems are just the tasks we need to solve, they are not punishment but help. When we get to feel that — we’ll start feeling the warmth. Then we should look for the opportunity to spend our energy through love and care of others, sacrifice, creativity, sport, and so on.


At the same time, we should pray and implore to save love for God when everything is falling apart and to be ready to renounce our human desires and life for God. We must pray that our utter happiness is the love for God. If we repeat thousands and thousands of times that the utter pleasure is love for God, that our life and desires are secondary if we focus on Divine love while imagining the loss of all dear to us (and accepting it) – then we will be able to overcome our problems.

When a soul gets filled with love — addiction will disappear.



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