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10 march 2020

Money is the equivalent of energy and effort. Money is manifested energy. Those who have a lot of energy — have money. The more you give – the more you can get. The poor lack energy, which limits the possibilities available to him thereby increasing his dependency on the situation, and therefore on money.

Energy is a sign of inner harmony. Energy comes from love. When we constantly feel the love in our soul, we will have one problem only — how to spend it. If a soul is full of grudges and claims towards God, then the problem it faces is where to source that energy.

The truth is that the highest energy in the Universe is love. Money must not be the purpose of life. The desire to accumulate money must not be a reason for a person to stop being loving and virtuous. If love and faith remain a priority for a person, he will be able to care for the poor and those in need and feel a unity with them.

For someone with a simplistic, linear perspective, money is either good or evil. Christ said that the rich stood no chance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Some interpret this as meaning that money is evil so it is better to stay poor. However that’s an incorrect interpretation of what Christ said. Christ said that we cannot serve God and Mammon. Indeed, no man can serve two masters: he will hate the one and love the other — because it is impossible to run in two or three different directions at the same time. This means, that we  can have only one master — God.

Money must be man's servant, assisting his personal development. The person with money expends much energy and effort on the realisation and control of his possessions, in order to grow personally. But he must not depend on them and worship them.

Having a lot of money becomes a hazard for someone when he is dependant on it. A rich person will get involved in financial enterprises which can negatively affect his soul depleting it of love.

Not everyone can be rich. Money can corrupt the personality and soul of some but be good for others where they don't depend on it. Having money will make them active and more caring, which will assist them with their soul growth.

Why can unearned money kill?  Because the consumption must not exceed the energy which is spent [earning money]. Those who want to receive rather than give away will degenerate. If our only goal is making money and enhancing prosperity, then in three-four generations the Divine energy in the soul will drop to a minimal level, enough for survival only.

Many generations of the rich are born in families who have faith. The necessary energy spent in handling the wealth in an effortless and natural way which is acquired through adhering to the Top Command where the inner, subconscious personal aspiration for God must be stronger than a fondness for earthly happiness and human relationships.

Soul development is a slow process and energy doesn’t flow instantly. It requires hard long work on yourself: where one must learn to give and be caring before the energy starts flowing. It takes 3-4 generations for a person with those qualities or skills to be born – and the same amount of time to lose these qualities. Recently, however, it appears that all processes have been speeding up.

Problems start when money is worshipped on a subconscious level. We can worship money in our mind where we see it only as a positive thing. The processes that happen in our mind do not affect reality. However it is a different matter for our soul because our soul is connected with the subconsciousness and our emotions.  The world is one and the purpose of life is to seek unity with the Creator. Any other goal simply gets destroyed.

If money means too much to a person – he will become poor in order for his soul to survive. This will be either himself, his children or his grandchildren, depending on the degree of his attachment.

Money troubles often arise in the form of fate cleansing on a deeper level. If financial success intensifies a person’s attachment to prosperity – this person won’t be successful, and this will be for his own good. Money is given in the exact amount a person can handle without harming his soul.

Why can a husband not earn sometimes? It happens because it will be harmful to the soul of his wife. A women is given a partner who will be the father of their future children. The appearance, behaviour, physical and mental abilities of her husband are solely for the children to inherit. If a woman subconsciously worships money and cannot bear losing it, then her husband must be poor and a failure. A man who earns money and gives it to such a woman will be killing her future together with the children's future.

Children continue the tendencies of their parents, so their concentration on prosperity may reach the dangerious level and in order for them to survive their parents must stay poor.

Sometimes high pride may be cleansed by money trouble.

Nowadays various techniques of subconscious programming are used [for example neuro-linguistic programming], including for making money and increasing prosperity. It has dangerous consequences, All our dreams and desires get fulfilled through the soul. If a person has love and energy in his soul, his dreams will come true and they won’t harm him. But if someone programmes his subconsciousness to fulfil his desires — this reshuffles his energy flow. He will take energy from the distant future and expend it for his immediate greatfication. His desires will be fulfilled, and he may rejoice but will pay the price later – in the form of problems and illnesses.

When can helping someone with money will be beneficial for them?

We have been used to thinking that humanism is a form of reaching out and helping our neighbour. So we think that in giving away money and material things we are doing good. But when we help someone materially and forget about his soul – we can harm him. Any support for someone will cement the path this person will choose. If a greedy man gets help — he’ll become even more greedy. A proud one will become more scornful and aggressive. The loving and generous will be more kind.

The conclusion is that those who are greedy, jealous, aggressive, cruel must not be helped. Minimal help will only be possible in a critical situation. Regular support will only provoke a blast of ingratitude from them. They will take revenge on us and this will be the outcome of cementing their material prosperity which will kill their soul. We can be helpful to someone who is grateful and generous. God will not punish us in this case and his soul will not corrupt. The purpose of our help is for that person to invoke the Divine in himself.  Our help must change him for good, making him more generous, kind and reinforcing his faith in God.

If someone keeps borrowing money, it means that he lacks the necessary energy to earn his own. Inside, a person must rely on himself to meet his needs. Such a person stays free from debt. A person who is excessivly materialistic will feel euphoric after borrowing – just like after winning the lottery. This can be compared to being high on drugs. He will seek a way to experience this plesure again and again. We must deter someone’s need to borrow when they do not plan to repay it as this is equivalent to theft.

When we see that a person is in a critical situation then we can help them. However there is always the risk of not getting our money back, so only give away as much as you are ready to lose. It is better to give less than the asked sum as a gift. If someone borrowed money from you and didn’t return it, then this shows that you are attached to morals and ideals.

In order to feel respected image and status are very important to us.  However the basis of inner fulfilment is to grow spiritually without expectations of reward. If a person links his status to the size of  his salary – he will be unable to grow. Those who have energy feel happy through self-fulfillment. Rich people started off from a creative impulse. Wealth starts from self-realisation, energy and helping others.

Inner happiness is not constituted by money, status or intellect. The energy of love is the indicator of self-fulfilment. We must strive to develop our capacity to love, to intensify it, and to increase love in our soul. This is our true goal.  Thereafter this energy will actualise in our talents and abilities, and in the spiritual and material components of life.

Material wealth and money do not hold real value — our true riches are within our soul. This is what we must strive for. The best antidote to poverty is love.

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