10 march 2020

Children's Health

Children's Health

Parents want their child to be healthy and happy. However they do not always pay attention to a child’s personality or character traits and attitude to others and the world. But this is where the roots of future illnesses and troubles lay. The earlier we take care of the soul of the child – the healthier and happier his and our lives will be.

Parents and their children have a common energy field. Before conception, when a man and a woman communicate, the emotions, fate and the character of their future children get formed. The connection of parents with children remains very strong throughout life.

A human being is a cell of a larger organism, so he must abide by the laws of its existence. If a person is ignorant of this fact, if he tries to dictate to the whole — his children are doomed to die, first spiritually and then physically. One can ask: “Where is justice? Why are children held responsible for the sins of their parents?” The answer is: in the energy field, there are no people, only ideas and processes. Therefore the erroneous mindset gets punished, not the person. To be more precise: it gets stopped, not punished. A person can begin to transgress, and this tendency amplifies in his children and descendants. It then becomes dangerous for their souls and for the collective of the Earth. And subsequently the children and grandchildren become ill and die.

To give birth to a healthy child parents must receive the energy of love. For that, they undergo the suffering of the body and it's basic instincts, the suffering of the mind with its righteousness and feelings of justice, and suffering of the soul with its attachment to security and higher emotions. In order to be born our children must receive love, and for that we must feel the superiority of love over everything else in this world including everything we see, understand and sense, and everything we do not see, do not understand and do not sense. If we are to have talented children — it requires us to pass more love to them. And so the parents must go through greater suffering nd pain to cleanse our souls.

Before a child comes into this world, two tendencies are fighting, and the one which wins will determine his future. The first is genetics. It includes past lives and emotions of the parents and their feelings accumulated prior to conception. The second is the soul inclination of the person himself. Its correct orientation can effectively cancel bad genetics and a prospect of a dying family line — and then a child with a pure soul will be born. If the opposite happens, when a person rejects love for the sake of the instincts and reinforces this attitude with his thoughts, feelings and behaviour — then the best genetics can be killed off.

A woman carries and gives birth to a child. For a child to be born, his soul must receive the inflow of energy which comes from a mother. The source for energy is her unity with God. But for the Divine energy and love to flow to a soul, the human part must slow down for a while.

If a woman doesn’t want to accept cleansing before conception and during pregnancy, if she fails to see the Divine Will in everything that happens -  then she won’t retain love. If a mother won't love then her children cannot love. The result is they will be given ailments of the soul and the body.

When a woman wants to be spiritual, when her righteousness, goals and justice become too important for her — then she becomes intolerant of human shortages and failures and her husband becomes the main subject of her aggression. Such a woman will easily take an offence from her loved one, and after this feeling penetrates her subconsciousness it will become a programme of killing her husband on subtle levels.  Automatically, these feelings will be transmitted towards her children, and unbeknown to her, she will be killing them too. In this case, children will get ill and can die. Subconsciously in trying to balance themselves and reduce their attachment to the mind, such children will sabotage their learning and developing skills. They can be born with mental and developmental delays and have related conditions, such as autism. This is also a mechanism of saving their souls.

If a mother is prone to take offences or felt suicidal 5-10 years prior to the conception, then her child can be born seriously ill. If a mother did not want this child and had thought of an abortion – such a child will have health problems, have many difficulties in life and may be unable to form happy relationships.

A mother is supporting her child  subconsciously, up until puberty feeding him energy. For that, she must have energy herself. But if a mother is busy at work, if she is too fond of sex,  easily takes offence and gets irritable – she leaks vital energy. A woman’s role is to reproduce life — that's why her subconscious focus on sex and her higher emotions is strong. For children to be born, she must constrain her sexual urges in accordance with moral postulates. This is to allow the lower energy to be transferred into planes of a higher order — which is the condition for healthy offspring. Otherwise her fondness for sex before and after giving birth can harm the health and fate of the children.

When applying karmic diagnostics, the reasons for common ailments in children can easily be explained.

Hyperactivity. A child has difficulties sleeping, is highly strung, with behavioural problems. These are not the signs of having excessive energy — on the contrary, it is a sign of the destruction of the strategic energy. A child must be taught love, faith in God, forgiveness and care for others — this requires a lot of energy. If a child doesn’t do that, all his energy goes for the satisfaction of his routine needs, and the strategic energy of the future gets depleted.

Allergy. Many suffer from this.  It happens because mothers have passed onto their children the mechanism of renunciation of love for the sake of pleasure. When love is lost, energy level drops and in the spring, instead of rejuvenation, children get ill with hay fever. Too much food and taste enhancers are harmful to the soul, that is why an allergy to some foods develops as a protective mechanism.

Masturbation and drug addiction. Humans need to be happy first and seek pleasure. Happiness comes from our love for God. But, when a person rejects it in favour of life pleasures, his soul loses love. And some people feel unhappy in childhood. It is far more difficult for him to accept stress, he finds it hard to communicate and adapt to new circumstances. For this love is needed which he is lacking. The accumulated negative emotions can cause illness and death. To counteract this such a child can masturbate, smoke and take drugs. His activity pursues two goals:  first, to seek pleasure, and second to seek the destruction of a body, fate and soul — because this will make him feel the love a bit more.

Stomach ache, skin problems, heart disease. They are caused by a programme of self-destruction. The reasons for this programme can be: aggression and mutual resentment of mother and father, inability to accept pain from loved ones and idolising them.

Older parents have a greater chance of having ill child. Science explains this as resulting from genetic deformations. In reality people accumulate offences and grudges. Someone with a love for God accumulates love and aspiration for the Almighty – and his descendants will be talented. A person who is prone to take offences, who is vindictive, spiteful and depressed can have ill children.  

If parents are fond of occult practices, sorcery and divination, their children can have mental and personality disorders. Such children tend towards depravity, they find it hard to withstand basic urges and overcome lust. If a person has problems in the belly button area, appendix, knees and collar bones, it is a sign that his children (or future children) have problems.

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