Transforming Sexual Attachments into Higher Energies

18 march 2020

No living being can survive without instincts. Out of the instinct of procreation sexual desire is born which is necessary for children to be born, and it makes us seek sexual pleasure. Sexual desire includes the need to continue life, to communicate with our loved one, create a family and all the subsequet components of life.

Divine energy comes to us indirectly (from the subtle planes)and has sexual element initially. Sexual energy is not bad neither good. This is a lever which puts you down at an animal level of or can lift you up towards the Divine. 

Our inward flow of energy must be divided between body, spirit and soul. To avoid turning into an animal, it should go towards our soul first, then to consciousness and only thereafter towards the body.  It is suggested that most of our sexual energy should go towards the soul and provide for the future, and the remainder left for sexual pleasure.

Love and sexual attraction are intertwined in humans. On a subtle level an amazing picture emerges where we feel sexual attraction for everything we like including inanimate objects. But the moral constraints are the walls of the vessel which allow sexual energy to advance (without spillage) and transform into finer senses. This enables the development of our consciousness.

If a person doesn’t mix sexual feelings with love – the transformation from the humanly into the Divine happens effortlessly. Sex is not a sin. In the Old Testament, it is said that a human is unclean after having sex and needs a wash. That is why many people got convinced that sex is the devil and sin. It also caused the opposite opinion – that sex is goodness and joy. Modern science and medicine say that sex is strictly good. In reality, being able to feel sexual satisfaction is not a sin.

However, the wrong attitude to sex can cause the loss of the major component — Divine love. If we worship sexual relationships and sexual pleasure – it will kill love. And this is a sin. We must not suppress our sexual desire but constrain it and transform it into love, which will become faith in God. If we try to suppress the desire this essentially is self-destruction which can cause illnesses. Desires are energy, and by renouncing our desires we lose energy and stop developing. However, if we slow our desires for the sake of love and feel more love, the initial energy of the desires will assist the development of our higher functions.

Because sex gives one of the biggest pleasure, fondness for sex can kill love and harm the soul a great deal. It will affect not only the person but his or her descendants as well. Sex attaches the soul the most because it releases a huge amount of energy for providing for children. If this energy is not channelled towards this, it will diverted to pleasure. If a person confirms his erroneous soul orientation by his actions and promiscuous behaviour (sex before marriage, frequent sex, sex with multiple partners and so on), then the soul reserve gets depleted fast. It means a person exhausts his future and the future of his children.

Why frequent, casual sex before marriage is dangerous? The initial energy is the most powerful. During puberty, girls accumulate a huge amount of energy to form their future children’s body, personality, abilities, fate and talents – all that requires energy. If the young woman doesn’t want pregnancy it means she doesn’t want to give it to her future child and the more she seeks sexual pleasure – the more she is reluctant to get pregnant. It means that every sexual act for her adds to the creation of the programme of renouncement of children. All her energy doesn't go towards descendants but cements her attachment to pleasure and desires. It causes infertility. She will achieve the satisfaction of the basic desires but there will be no energy left for the higher humanly and Divine realisation.

In traditional societies, morals forbid sex before marriage thus all the energy goes towards future children and not pleasures. This energy turns into creativity, communication and acts as the foundation for the future family. Family relationships require a lot of energy, and sexual temperance allows to fulfil them with much-needed energy as well as to solidify future children’s energy. A society which has abolished sexual constraints is heading to degradation and demise.

Fondness for sex in marriage before children are born is equally detrimental, because it deprives them of the energy of health and fate. If children are not born before a woman turns 25, she subconsciously undergoes re-orientation towards lust and satisfaction at the cost of her children’s health and fate.

Subconsciously, a woman is more fixed on sex than a man, because she is destined to give birth. But sex attaches us to human happiness the most. It is normal as long as it doesn’t harm love. If the woman’s subconscious attachment to sex is strong – then regular sexual pleasure can increase this dependency tenfold. And it will subvert Divine love.

That is why if a woman has been too fond of sex, nature will weed out her descendants. Because they can be born with a degenerative souls and sometimes bodies too. If someone in the family has been taking too much pleasure in sex, then the woman may be frigid – that is to save her children. It  could also be the low libido in a man, his reluctance to intimacy. It could also be sexually-transmitted diseases. To save his children a father may get a lover. The list is endless. For us to survive and have children our subconsciousness may limit our chances to be happy.

If a woman is fond of sex and men and puts them before God, it can invoke harshest consequences such as rape, venereal diseases, infertility. Such a woman may become a prostitute as her fate to get rid of her attraction to sex.

If such a woman manages to have children, they will show inclinations to debauchery, homosexuality  and be prone to sexually-transmitted diseases. Sexual promiscuity in a woman can lead to schizophrenia and autism in her children. Children are the future, and if we lack energy for it, our children can be born mentally retarded, and subsequently be unlikely to have families.

The woman who seeks pleasure doesn’t need children, as they stop her from getting what she wants. If sex means too much for her, she can easily have an abortion. She will willingly poison herself with hormonal contraception, and her desire to have a family will cease. Having a family requires responsibility and care,  suffering of the soul and sacrifices, painful adaptations and the necessity to forgive and to love the imperfect.

Many men and women change partners in search of pleasure. Then they note, that a life with the loved one becomes dull. Pleasure attracts them like a drug, demanding an ever-increasing dose.

When people interact at the soul and mind level – the relationship is a complex and rich one. Where men and women interact for pleasure and have sex only, then the man's energy will go towards this and he will experience a lot of pleasure at first. His euphoria will grow, but degradation will quickly set in. The body will lack energy when the soul stops functioning. That is why men who had many women inevitably become impotent. Such behaviour leads to paedophilia (because children have much energy to borrow), and to homosexuality, because the energy which otherwise would have gone to children, goes towards pleasure.

Lewdness and lust at a subtle level look like a fourfold breach of the second, sixth and seventh Commandments. This leads to the breach of the rest of the Commandments, decreasing energy levels and eventually resulting in illness, etc.

On the contrary, constraining sexual desire for the sake of love looks like the sevenfold increase in subconscious faith in God, i.e. fulfilment of the First Commandment.

Also significant is that during sex the souls of the lovers open up, penetrating each other. For this reason, it is dangerous to have sexual contact with a lustful partner. The tendency to kill a soul for instincts negatively affects the descendants. Getting into resonance with a person who worships sex may result in having trouble when starting a family and having healthy children.

A family which is founded on sex alone will not last for long. The feelings will weaken, someone will cheat and marriage will end. Cheating increases attachment to sex. When one spouse feels lack of sexual satiation and looks for a lover, it means sexual pleasure becomes more important than friendship and unity with the partner, i.e. sex become more important than love.

When a woman cheats on her husband in an attempt to achieve sexual satisfaction, this woman inadvertently causes her children and grandchildren great harm.

We must have sex for God. Even for a couple in marital relationships sex is treason if it is soulless i.e. when sex is put before love. Sex must be the continuation of love, based on soul unity, warmth and happiness.

When a person is lustful, attached to sex and pleasures, then he or she won’t be able to accept betrayal from their loved one. It creates blockages in the energy field.

Energy rises up throughout our body. If a person has felt depression, suicidal moods because of the failures in relationships the blockage appears in the area of the genitals. It can result in illnesses and dysfunctions of the urogenital system. If there is a block in the belly-button area, it points to the extreme fondness for sex this person has experienced, or, to his or her inability to accept cheating and breaking relationships.

If someone is outraged and unhappy with his partner’s sexual abilities, this also causes vortexes and blockages in an energy field in the belly-button area. Then sexual energy doesn't rise up and cannot transform into higher feelings. The rough energy is unable to turn into a subtle one as it should. In this case, the person expresses addiction to sex to a pathological extent. High libido, in this case, doesn’t manifest as an excess of energy, but discovers serious problems at a subtle level approaching degradation.

An increased fondness of sex diminishes our ability to withstand stress. When it means too much to us – we get afraid to lose it. This invokes aggressiveness and the local immunity drops in the area of the genitals. In other words, energy drops and this activates infection. This could be viral infections,  herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, or gynaecological illnesses. Inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, miscarriages, infertility – all this is the result of reduced energy of the genitourinary system. If one is totally unable to accept stress and the situation which caused pain, then his programme of self-destruction gets blocked by serious illnesses.

If a person is unable to contain his sexual urges, then he will not be able to restrain his other desires, and this is a straight path to crimes.

Humans cannot go back to being animals, it contradicts the course of events in the Universe and Its  principal unity. No one will be allowed to become an animal, or he or she will be destroyed. The same fate awaits his descendants and, very likely, the society which allowed this degradation.

To overcome sexual attachment one needs to restrain his animal urges and work on invoking the Divine. It is important not to focus on pleasures but make the soul give off energy.  Getting the happiness from sex must be replaced by happiness from creativity. This, taking care of others, doing an extreme sport, unpaid labour – all that helps to give off energy and cleanse the soul. This will help to feel unconditional love in the soul. And then the realisation and the feeling that the utmost happiness is the love for God can come. Because we can give Him as much love and energy as we can, and it will not weaken us, on the contrary: it will enrich and strengthen us. It will make us healthy and happy.

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