Liver Problems

21 april 2020

Our body operates in two modes: our right side is forward looking to the future, and our left side is backward looking to the past. The liver is associated with the future. If a person is aggressive towards the future it can have negative impact on the liver.

The future is much more valuable to us than the past. If a person does not live through the soul and led by love, but lives in the mind, he will create a false idealistic image of the world. Such person is busy planning the future and everything which doesn’t fit his image gets rejected. His mind creates future plans which are nothing but an attempt to fight God’s reality. Subsequently the crushing of his imaginary world will become inevitable, causing much distress to him – because he is unable to accept failures, problems and destruction of his hope and plans.

Self-righteousness, fear of the future, being judgemental, having negative thoughts about others and the world and being fearful of the future – these are the signs of overdependency on the future which happens to everyone who lives in the mind and not through the soul. These signs indicate the lack of acceptance of God’s Will. When a person puts his personal wishes before Divine Will, this is a sign that this person is proud. Problems with the liver stem from high pride.

There is a famous myth about Prometheus which most likely migrated to Ancient Greece from India. Prometheus gave people fire, thus empowering them. It brought them stability and prosperity, reinforced their desires and provided them with more opportunities. It increased their pride and their lack of humbleness for the Divine. Thus their future was jeopardised and Prometheus was made to pay for this. As a result the eagle would eat his liver as punishment. 

The stronger the human will is, the higher human capacities are and the easier it is to forget about God. If people are attached to stability and prosperity their fear of losing it will be great. This attachment makes them scared of change, and their fear of the future is essentially a destruction of the future because subconsciously we want to destroy things we are afraid of. The degree of prosperity in our lives must not exceed the level of love and faith in the soul because if someone has significant measures of success but no love and faith in his soul– this is the path to self-destruction.

If we forget about the love for God and our unity with God, we begin to feel self-righteous. It starts with being judgemental of others. Subsequently if I am right I do not need to change. Since I am right another person will be wrong. And we want to destroy those who are wrong, who are to blame. Righteousness is not compatible with love. The one who feels right will always be surrounded by those who are wrong, in particular their loved ones. This is to help him to eventually overcome pride and learn to love. The liver suffers if the person judges his relatives harshly. 

Concepts of “right” and “wrong” are part of human logic. We will not understand the Divine law in full until we return to our Creator. Therefore we cannot be absolutely right.

It has been established that our mind affects our liver. According to scientific data the liver is synchronised with the brain, meaning they work in the same mode. The hyperactive mind causes the liver to go into a hyperactive state which will result in energy loss. Subsequently if an organ is losing energy it leads to a dysfunction, lower immunity, infections and tumours.

Children are our future as well. Parents may start experiencing problems with the liver when their children do not have much future left for them. If principles, ideals and justice are of the utmost value for a parent – then the child must renounce all that in order to survive. This child will feel love when he takes drugs, swears, lies and steals and by this behaviour destroys his future. The parent who renounces his child for unworthy behaviour is expressing aggression towards his future which is dangerous and often ends up badly.

If a parent is addicted to drinking, that will activate a destructive programme which is aimed at his children. His liver cannot neutralise poison and requires more energy – which gets borrowed from the children. The karmic payback will look like the loss of the future or absence of children, or both.

The liver is the largest gland in the human body. Our glands perform not only physical functions but also energy functions. The liver works in conjunction with the pancreas: the liver scans the future, and the pancreas scans the present. If the liver does not perform its function of scanning the future, there will be a delay in the the pancreas starting and it will start to overload. Therefore, if the liver is weak, the pancreas weakens too. Doctors have, not unreasonably, begun to associate the occurrence of diabetes with poor liver performance.

Why does the liver stop scanning the future? The future opens up to those who live by love. Our subconscious mind knows everything, and if a person has love in their soul, then the future opens up, the person feels what is going to happen, and adapts to the future events. If a person lives by the conscious mind, if the main thing for him is not love but righteousness, perceived justice — then he concentrates on the future and, for the salvation of love in the soul, he will lose the future.

It is believed that cirrhosis of the liver occurs because of drinking. But this is not quite so: if a person feels condemnation for the whole world, other people and their fate — then love leaves his soul and he tries to suppress this torment by alcohol.

The more talented, spiritual and beautiful a person is, the more he is tempted to put his perfection and his abilities above love. Then the more dangerous it is for him to have talents, spirituality, and beauty.

A new future is approaching us now. We perceive it first by our energy field, then by the gut, then by the liver. When a new, unexpected situation occurs, the liver gets overloaded. Alcohol and meat also overload the liver. Whereas a person previously tolerated a certain amount of alcohol and meat, with onset of a new future, the liver is already overloaded and can now become damaged with the same amount of food with disastrous consequences.

Foods rich in protein are harmful to the liver: since the liver synthesizes proteins in the human body, it can result in its overloading as well.  On a more subtle level, abundant protein will increase our concentration on a happy fate and mind, with the result that excessive amounts of it and the increased calorigic intake will increase our attachment to the future.

The future is created by our soul. Our soul becomes ill when we lose our unity with God and start wasting the higher subtle energy, without which the future is not possible; then our fate and body begin to lose energy. So, the soul needs to be to healed first.

We need to learn to accept the pain of the soul while preserving love. If we forget that we are Divine in essence, then the pain of the soul is unbearable and we cannot overcome the collapse of the higher senses.

We need to feel love at the moment of the collapse of our future: when we are treated unfairly or when our hopes disappear. We need to re-live all life situations and see and sense the Divine Will in everything — good and evil.  This should teach us love.

Since the liver suffers mainly in strong-willed people who want to control the world around them, you need to learn to drop the management sometimes. You can simply repeat: «I do not control anything or anyone, everything is given by God.» You need to learn to love people and the world just as you love your imperfect child.

You need to take care of tomorrow but you should not be afraid or worry about it. Two thousand years ago Christ said: «Because of the multiplication of iniquity, love will grow cold in many.» By «multiplication of iniquity» he meant the increasing violation of the commandments. «Don't worry about tomorrow» — the meaning of this phrase is simple: we must hope not for the future but for the Creator. Love must be more important than the future. Only those who have love in their hearts, who are not afraid of the future, who do not feel depressed, do not judge people, for whom the soul is more important than the future, life, principles and prosperity — only those will heal and survive.

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