S.N. Lazarev about Microchipping, Coronavirus Covid-19 and the Future

The main excerpts from the live video on Youtube by S.N. Lazarev
5 may 2020

So what do we need to understand? All our aspirations should be channelled into accepting God’s will, and into our character development and increasing love in our souls. For 40 years Moses led the Jews through the desert, where they experienced serious deprivation.

Question: what was it for? To create at least two generations of Jews who needed God and to lessen their attachments to human desires. And it seems to be a harsh lesson to learn, where people who were deprived of everything had to learn to believe in God, thank him and pray to him. But this situation allowed them ultimately to accept the 10 commandments by a radical change in their mentality and perception of their life allowing the appearance of a new (monotheistic) world.

A new future is coming to us now. The world will start anew. New world… The old world is dying, and we must go through something like this: a process of spiritual purification and detachment. This will test our understanding and acceptance of the Divine Will, the acceptance of our fate and cooperation with it. This will challenge us not to protest against our problems, but understand that these problems are given for a reason, namely the development of our soul, and we must actively develop, we must change ourselves and the world around us.

The fact is that initially all events occur on a subtle plane where our feelings are subconscious. The extent of harmony in our subconscious will determine and shape our future. Therefore, instead of responding to this situation with feelings of despondency and discontent it is very important to understand that the Almighty has brought this about to increase love in our souls so that we can develop. We must do this actively so that we can change ourselves and the world around us.

First of all, we need to start with the soul and not with the body. This is very important to understand in order to have a result. Why is the soul so important? The soul is what we call the subconscious which governs 95-97% of our actions. This is why the extent of harmony in our souls, our acceptance of God’s will and our acceptance and conservation of love, whilst ever present in our everyday lives, will determine the extent of our change internally and externally. We don’t develop by changing our physical world but through our inner development. This is important to understand. Through our involuntary self-isolation our energy will increase if we can channel it in the right direction.

So we are now in a very important period in history where we have to make a choice. And the choice is this: that of dissatisfaction and complaining about the situation, or understanding that any situation, whether caused by an artificial virus or a natural one, is from God. It is given to help us to change, to help with the transformation of our understanding of the world around us.

The more we are able to see the Divine’s Will in everything happening around us and to understand it’s purpose the more readily we will be able to see the positive outcomes in our future. This is important to understand. In your free time go through the past events in your life and reconsider all moments of dissatisfaction with your life, despair, despondency – go through them again with repentance, with a changed attitude towards them. Because everything else stems from this.

It's an interesting topic, I've been asked so many questions about coronavirus. Look. Everyone is now debating the question: is it a conspiracy of the global government, is it an artificial virus or a natural one and so on. Many are wondering what will the global government do next. In order to understand what will happen, all you need to do is to progress from linear thinking.

For example, I say that this is a straight line and this is a number 6. For one person this is a number six but for another person this is a number nine. We have two options here: either a six or a nine. This is linear thinking: either good or evil, either a yes or a no. It’s impossible to solve problems using this linear thinking. We need to progress from linear thinking to at least flat thinking. In order to understand what is currently happening globally, for example what could the world elite do next, all we need to do is to imagine ourselves in their place.

What aims and objectives can the world elite have? Is it a decrease of population? But this is not enough, people can breed again. Is it birth control? Is it prevention of demonstrations, strikes, revolutions? This means — reinforced control of people, influence on the mental state of people and control or full subordination of people.

How can this be achieved? Let's say a microchipping or vaccination is offered to people, but people say they do not need to take medication and will refuse to have vaccinations that, for example, have been made abroad. I don't want to be microchipped.

How can this issue be resolved? Imagine, a pandemic… And the first symptom of the illness is a high temperature. The sooner we will detect it, the sooner dangerous hotspots can be eliminated. In China now on the underground there is a device that immediately detects a person with a high temperature. And he is immediately isolated. But we can go further. Why catch people on the underground with a high temperature when you can insert a microchip that will report to the central office about the state of a person’s health? If the temperature is raised, then the person immediately receives a call at home which tells him to stay at home. Thus, the pandemic stops.

But here's the most important point. A person can refuse vaccinations and microchipping, but they will tell him that it is no longer an option for him. This is the problem of other people for whom you become a danger. So you have to be microchipped, you have to be vaccinated, because otherwise you're a threat to society, and then you're going to go to jail.

That is, under the pretext of protection of society, the society will introduce more stringent control over people, and then these microchips will include passports and bank accounts. Where there is a possibility of total control, this could have a wide-ranging impact. That is, through this microchip you can not only disable a bank account, but you can also disable the functions of a person. It's total control. But no matter how hard we fight against this microchipping, whichever strikes and demonstrations we go to, it's all going to be useless unless we progress to a higher level of thinking.

If the fish starts to rot, it is useless to cut off the head, the whole fish is off. If satanism is happening in the world, it means that every person is impregnated with it. And the main issue is not getting rid of the evil, not removing the world elite and unwanted officials, although this is possible. The main issue is the change of thinking. Imagine, once again I want to say it, during the Soviet times an official had at least some ideals and goals to make all people happy, ideas about the state which should be harmonious… The Soviet Union collapsed, what did the official get? What is he dreaming about now? Put yourself in the place of an official.

He only dreams of money. There is no ideology. There are no goals. He dreams of his prosperity and of his money. Can such a person take care of the people? No, of course not. So what's the issue? How to find the right goals? And that's where the big problems appear.

Why was Moses ordered to kill those who worshipped the Golden Bull? Because the worship of prosperity and money corrupts the soul of a person and leads it to satanism. We must put God first. But if we look at today’s world we won’t find God as a priority anywhere: neither among the representatives of religions nor business heads. And when money comes first and everything else comes second a person is essentially a criminal.

Who's a criminal? A person for whom money is a main priority. And what will people in power with a mentality like this think about? About how to turn people into a herd. A technological revolution means that less and less people are needed, everything is done by technology and a large number of unemployed is a danger to the security of the world government.

So, there should be a reduction of the population and a development of a new breed of people — slaves, it’s already being talked about. So, once again I want to say, the reason for this is not the means of production, not even the money accumulated by rich people – it’s mentality. We are now operating within the framework of pagan thinking. At present we’re thinking like pagans. And this pagan thinking puts a person first, and love second, money and power first and ethics second.

With this mentality we will inevitably come to a so-called digital slavery. I said before that the highest level of development of capitalism is fascism. Now we are all witnessing this fascism. And that's just the beginning. Meaning we will be ordered, commanded: whether you can have children, how many children, which children… and in theory it’s just around the corner.

Then the question is, why does God allow such a situation? The answer is simple. Either we move from paganism to monotheism, or we will be on the verge of destruction and our civilization is then doomed. In order to survive and to find inner peace and even happiness – all we need to do is to understand God’s plan. And his plan is that the humanity needs to find and realise a path to overcoming our sins. To find a path to our transformation to be a better person, through creating new conditions of existence in society, state and so on.

We will inevitably come to this. But no external revolutions on the physical level will change anything. There is a good proverb «To Kill a Dragon.» Why does a man who kills a dragon turns into a dragon? Because he has the same mindset. When the Russian revolution took place in the 1917, the new aristocracy, the new officials behaved much worse than the previous ones: they were more depraved, had excessive parties, destroyed everything around them: the environment, the money, and ethics as well... 

The worst master is a former slave. This is why to begin with we need to fight not the evil from the outside, but the evil in ourselves. And to do this we need to understand how to overcome the three levels of sins. How to overcome our imperfection and our inability to love.

Once again I want to emphasize, that depending on the extent of our change and our readiness to change, and understanding that this is not a punishment from above, but is a help from above so that we can begin to change, then this will determine whether we move in the right direction.

These two weeks or a month and a half that we will be staying at home is a huge opportunity to change ourselves and to change the world around us. Everything depends on us, on how accurately we perceive these events.

Once again I want to say that there is a phrase in the Bible: for a proud man trials are of no use”. Meaning, we are now at the beginning of our trials, and it depends on us whether the trials will be beneficial or extremely negative to us, our children and to the world. If we understand God’s plan, we will win. It's Easter today! Once again (congratulations on) the resurrection of Christ. I am being asked: will civilization survive? I say, you know, if 2,000 years ago Christ appeared, then civilization will survive. This means we are already being prepared. The changes will happen and the most important thing is for us to be ready for them. So once again I wish you all a Happy Easter! Christ is resurrected! I wish you perseverance, kindness, love and readiness to change! Happy Easter, see you next time, all the best!

 24 April 2020 10:14am

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