How To Not Get Infected With Coronavirus and How To Strengthen Our Immunity

Scientists already confirmed that praying to God strengthens the immune system.
10 july 2020

Extract from a Youtube video, the 1st July 2020

Any change is a danger. Development is not a wide road that leads to a bright future, it is a rock on which you climb. Any inaccurate move and you can be dead. This is why many are afraid of development. They prefer old, reliable stereotypes. And at present this is especially dangerous in religion, when a lot of things depend on religion. But the priests cling to the old dogmas, hoping it will work out. It won't.

Actually, if you think about it, coronavirus exposed a terrible thing. Do you know which one? 


Representatives of religion have admitted that they do not believe in God.


I'll explain why. In the past, when we had pandemics, what happened? The church bells rang, the priests prayed in churches, it was explained to people that this is God’s punishment, that they need to return to morality. They need to return to mercy, they need to pray, to fast, to donate, and then it would be easier to overcome any troubles or problems.

So in the past during the epidemic priests prayed in churches. Bells rang, and then even scientists came to the conclusion that the bell ringing has real positive effect on a person’s state of mind. And when a person's soul is in harmony, then his body begins to recover. That's what any religion is based on, right?


That is, in the past any pandemic or invasion by an enemy was recognised as the Will of the Almighty and a reminder that it is necessary to change for the better, right?


If the enemy comes and we see only the enemy in it and are eager to destroy it, it means that we are pagans or atheists in our mentality. The word «religion» or religare in Latin means a bond with God. In other words, religion must strengthen the bond with God. Christ explained that the will of the Almighty is all around us and even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

And this sense of the presence of the Divine Will in everything and the God’s image in every person allows us to develop as individuals. It allows us to be filled with love, respect, compassion. In the past when there have  been serious trials, diseases and so on, what did priests had to talk about? They talked about what Christ taught us.

«Your faith saved you,» he said. Through faith, through prayer, through a change of character, a person receives the forgiveness of his sins, a person recovers, and a person improves his destiny. The example of Poor Job who kept his love for God and managed to resist the blasphemy, despair, despondency, discontent of his fate with the result that everything was returned to him. That is, Poor Job’s story is an instruction on correct behavior in a critical situation. Does it make sense?


Now imagine: Poor Job is ill. People come and say, «Oh brother, you've got leprosy.» This is followed by drugs, pills and so on. He is despondent, he's cursing everyone, and he’s told to take an antidepressant.


So what's next for Poor Job? I'm afraid he never recovers. Because as a result of trials his soul would not improve but would get worse. Because when the body is more important than the soul, the soul is forgotten, it begins to degrade. And then the situation is like in the film Apocalypse: «This man has a very clear consciousness, but his soul has gone mad.»


So the priests, the representatives of Christian Church, at the first glance, had only two options. The first was to open churches and say, «We insist that the churches continue to perform church service and God will save us.» But the church is separate from the state, and this would be a challenge to the state. It would be a serious conflict in which two camps could appear, and could even result in civil war.

Well, perhaps that to some extent, it would be the elimination of human logic?

Yes, it would be the elimination of human logic, but human logic can be eliminated with a nuclear war too.


 Another option is to accept the requirements of the state, that is to switch to human logic, and talk about self-isolation and so on. That's what was done. But it was also possible to do the same thing that was done in the past, not in form but in essence.


If in the past during the epidemic bells rang helping people to remember God and pray why didn’t the representatives of Christian faith, Islamic faith and Jewish faith arrange to meet on television and declare that problems would be solved by science and technology, but there is a God alive, and it is God’s Will.

If the pandemic has happened, then we probably need to think about our soul and our character. We need to think less about money and profit. It is as if the pandemic is tearing us away from dreams of money and temporary things, as if the pandemic is making us think of God. Why weren’t people reminded of that?

What are rabbis, muftis and priests for? To remind people of God and lead people to God. And here it turns out that at a critical moment they forgot about the Almighty and think only of the physical body. There were no calls to us to accept the Divine Will, that we need to become better people, that we need to pray, and then our immunity will get stronger.

 Scientists already confirmed that praying to God strengthens the immune system. The development of the soul, the overcoming of sins leads to recovery. Christ talked about this and the Christian Church is based on it.  Then the priests are obliged to say that through the love of God we can overcome the essence of problems. Then medicine and technological advances are all secondary.

What have we seen in fact? We have seen none of this. That is, all representatives of religion around the world have behaved like secular people, forgetting about God, forgetting about morality, forgetting that it is necessary to change our character and that pandemic is a push for development.

Then we can ask the question — what was the truth before the coronavirus in Judaism, in Islam and Christianity — was it a fairy tale, a bluff? Does it mean that representatives of religion didn't believe in God?

Yes, and they had no hope.

They had no hope. That is, the very behavior of priests shows that they do not believe in God.

If you think about the essence of their behaviour, it shows that they do not believe in God. They do not believe that the Almighty can help when a person prays. They do not believe that it is possible to recover through the care of the soul. They do not believe that the preservation of love and morality will strengthen the immune system and improve the fate. No one said anything about it. That is, in fact, the priests tacitly said, «We do not believe in God”.

 So if representatives of all religions on Earth have now announced that there is no God, and all this has gone not to the mind, but to the subconscious, what can be expected? The same coronavirus, only 10 times stronger.

Well, of course, yes.

That is, the logic of the Almighty is simple — he can say: „If you did not believe in my existence and turned away from me at the first small test, well, then I will help you remember me in more serious ways”.

The worst losses are those we don't notice. No one here understood that at the level of religion there was a mass abdication of God. Religious logic has disappeared, and only human logic remains. There are wonderful priests, but they are wonderful contrary to the system.

The system is in crisis, that's the problem.

I just want to address people through the Internet and say, “GOD EXISTS!”

So in fact, if you look not at the surface, but at the essence of what is happening, then everything is as Christ said: “You do not go to God and do not let others.»

And it turns out that those who are supposed to help the soul be saved through faith in God, through prayer, through transformation of the character, they do the opposite. This is a very serious crisis. Because when the ship's navigation system is destroyed, we can only count on our own vision, and when there’s a storm at night, and it is the beginning of the night and the beginning of the storm, then this is a serious problem.

Imagine a person, who is very advanced and ambitious, rides a horse in a carriage and he feels like a king and a master of the situation, controlling the horse. And if you ask who is more important: the person or the horse? It is clear that the person is more important. The person here is an absolute priority. But when the person is lost and he does not know where to go, he throws the reins and the horse finds the way itself. In this situation, with all his abilities and ambitions, a person is no help. It’s similar for people. In a critical situation when religious representatives are lost, the people must intuitively understand how to find their way to God.

It looks like it’s started to happen.

 People need to know what to do, how to prepare. And in the Bible it was said very clearly 2000 years ago: How the Kingdom of God can be approached. What we should be and what our character should be like. The Bible talks about this, what we need to do: not judge, how to treat God, that God is our father, and we are his children. We are Divine in nature. That is, this was all laid out in the Bible 2000 years ago, and we still buy into these stereotypes that were created more than 1500 years ago by those who did not really understand the teachings of Christ. 

It's time to change these stereotypes. The time has come.


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