Why it is so important now to work on overcoming our pride

24 july 2020

The fact that the humanity is mired in sin is clear to everyone. However, according to religious tradition, we are used to living our lives knowing that we have sinned, that we will go to church and be forgiven our sins, and then go onto sin again. This naive view has taken root in our minds for the last 2000 years. But it is a mistaken view.

Sin is the wrong position to take. Since no matter how many sins are forgiven in church, if you do not change, the number of sins will only increase, merging in one direction, and the result will be what Christ referred to as “the love of most growing cold as a result of this multiplication of wickedness”.

It seems not such a big deal when love grows cold. But in fact it is love that gives us life, the energy for the future, the opportunity to have descendants.

When love leaves the upper layers of the soul, it doesn’t look good – a person becomes cruel, unscrupulous, greedy. But he still lives.

But when love goes out of the heart- then the person simply can’t function. And his children can't function too. Pride closes a person’s path to God. This is why humanity’s treatment begins with treating pride. What are the dangers of pride? Unfortunately, we are again limited by the common religious stereotypes that distort reality. Why? We understand this by looking at how pride is explained in religious tradition. The angel becomes the devil, and at present the devil has influence on a huge number of people. The devil is all-powerful; and the devil does whatever he wants. He has enormous energy. That is energy, intelligence, ingenuity. And it turns out that pride is accompanied by cunning, intelligence, energy and strength.

That is, the devil when filled with pride, not only does not become weaker, but in today’s view he has only become stronger, and it can be said that the devil rules the world. And every person has an image that pride is power. Pride is cunning, intelligence and so on.

This appears to be the case at first. The fact is that love for God and moral behavior requires a lot of energy. When a person renounces love and morality, there is a flash of energy at first. He feels much more intelligent and more cunning. However, without love there is no future. Therefore, any person who has embarked on the path of the devil loses the future. He, like a drug addict, will at first feel euphoria, he will feel all-powerful but then he will become addicted and weak and will eventually die.

No wonder the Old Testament says «for the evil man, he has no future; the lamp of the wicked will be extinguished”. The evil person is a person who renounced love in order to have money and prosperity. Pride is not just a sin and vice. Pride is illness in the future and death. What happens to a person who is filled with pride inside?

The fact is that in order to survive we need to develop. What is development? Development is destruction and stability at the same time. Without destruction the development is not possible. All that does not develop, eventually dies. So, in order to survive while changes take place, in order for development to be not just destruction but also creation, we need love.

Love gives the stability which allows us to survive in any circumstances.

What does a man full of pride look like? He has not only a sense of superiority, of irritability, or despair when he suffers failure.

A man with increased pride is not able to change. Why do people with increased pride insist on being right? Because to admit that they are wrong is on a par to committing suicide.

The question is: If I am not right – I need to change. But a proud person is not able to change. This is why he tries to subordinate everyone else and be on top.

And this inability to change leads to the most serious illnesses. Priests might tell us that with pride it’s possible to have strength and so on. In my practice I have repeatedly seen the same thing – a person with increased pride has children with serious illnesses, mental disabilities, incurable illnesses and a family line dying out.

It is the inability and unwillingness to change that leads to the person becoming non-viable. Imagine that steam goes into a steam boiler but the lid is closed and the steam does not come out. What's going to happen? There is going to be an explosion.

Everyone of us changes a little every day. We need to constantly adapt to the world to develop. When a person does not want to adapt, he accumulates internal tendencies to change and then there will be a one-time change.

What happens when civilization loses love for God? We can see this from what is happening now in Europe, in the West: a mass renunciation of Christianity, a renunciation of morality.  So if a large group of people renounces Love, they become unable to change internally. On the surface it might look like progress, or innovation but internally the person is unable to change.

Nature then switches on natural mechanisms so the person has to change. What mechanisms are we talking about? This has long been predicted in the Bible: “there will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilence”. This is what we are currently witnessing. A tenfold increase in the number of earthquakes. Pandemics are increasingly becoming more serious.

Now most importantly as I said before a man with increased pride cannot accept the Divine will. That is, he cannot accept life’s adversity.  Any change of fate for him is an insurmountable stress. A person with increased pride worships a prosperous destiny.  What is the worship of a prosperous destiny?

Christ said, „You can't serve God and mammon”. Why? This means that a person must have one goal: either to serve God or something or someone else. So what can a person aim for if he forgets about God? His only goal is himself, his instincts and desires. One of the main instincts is the instinct of self-preservation, requiring us to be protected, and this requires us to aim for prosperity in order to survive. This instinct of self-preservation is very important. But when the instinct of self-preservation comes first before everything, when a person is prepared to kill and steal, when he is jealous and greedy – this leads nowhere. So a person who forgets about Love is destined to become a murderer or seriously ill.

Who is mammon? Mammon is not the god of money.  Mammon is the god of happiness and prosperity. Meaning a person can pray to God or pray for his prosperity. I think you understand what today’s humanity prays for. It prays for money, stability, prosperity and this is indeed worshiping the mammon.

How can humanity be saved? This is very simple. It requires adversity. The planet needs to be destabilized by illness, earthquakes and natural disasters. Then people will remember about their soul, they will stop worshiping their prosperity and will remember God.

Today's virus leads to lung damage. So today’s virus, in fact, seriously challenges our worship of prosperity. I asked which infections cause the most deaths. I found very interesting statistics. It turns out that tuberculosis causes the most deaths from infection on the planet. Tuberculosis is associated with problems with the lungs. By the way, a doctor I know told me that it is not advisable to give a diagnosis of tuberculosis or even pneumonia. A different diagnosis is given as there are too many patients with tuberculosis. What does it mean? In fact there is a pandemic of tuberculosis.

This means that the world is changing but we are not accepting these changes. We don’t want to change. We don’t accept the Divine Will. Non-acceptance of the Divine Will leads to a programme of self-destruction. The more we don’t accept the Divine Will, the more we are not happy with our fate, the quicker the programme of self-destruction will activate. This programme depletes us of energy. The depletion of energy causes illnesses, misfortunes, and if the programme is very intense, then not just illnesses and misfortunes but everything around us starts to collapse.

I said many times before that earthquakes are the result of humanity’s energy. Earthquakes happen when a group of people develop a programme of self-liquidation.

So what do we need to do?

First of all we need to turn to God, remember the prayer “Our Father”, where Christ first of all talks about theacceptance of God’s Will, where there is an understanding that God gives us everything:  life, food, health, happiness. 

Therefore without love for God, without accepting His Will, without humility, we will not receive life energy, we won’t be able to accept the changes which are approaching and we will be unable to adapt.

This is why it is very important at the present time to retain love in our souls. And to increase it. And love is not only mercy and unity. Love is not only joy.

Love in the first place is a sense of happiness, a sense of Divine Will in everything. A sense of unity, readiness to sacrifice, to help.

It is also joy. Depending on how much we smile,on how much we feel joy, no matter what, on how much we are ready to help each other and make sacrifices and feel we are all united, will depend how much we overcome pride.

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