Dialogue between Rami Blekt and S. N. Lazarev on the role of each person

28 september 2020

Rami B. Sergey Nikolaevich, great to see you! Very, very happy to be talking to you live today! I must mention that this is a noteworthy date for me in all the time I’ve known you, because it is exactly 20 years ago when I came to your seminar and had a private consultation with you, which, in my opinion, was very helpful. It took place in Israel.

And then we travelled together on many occasions and talked a lot. You advised me and helped me a lot. We then visited Lithuania and India. By the way, I have a shirt with me today which we made together. I sometimes wear it, and a costume, also from India. Such warm memories.

And since there are people here who do not know you — some of my subscribers, I will briefly introduce you. I believe that you are currently one of the spiritual leaders, at least in the Russian-speaking world. You have already sold tens of millions of books, particularly in the nineties and early 2000s when you were one of the leaders, as you are now. But I think of the generation that began to engage spiritually in the nineties and in the 2000s, almost everyone knows you.

The reason why I personally respect you (I told you once in Lithuania) and respect your works: is because they really help people by helping them to change. Now there are a lot of studies on mysticism and every year more and more books and opinions appear. But I noticed that for those who are reading your books, they are really helping them. And in my opinion, your first books «Diagnosis of Karma» are undeservedly forgotten.

Now you have written a lot of new books. Unfortunately as I was leaving Moscow my assistant brought me a big stack of new books. At the time, I thought — well, I will be back in a month or two, and took only a few books. I read them in South America and Antarctica. I now regret that I did not take the rest. As a result of Covid it is difficult to fly now. But even those few books also helped me a lot.

The fact is that I am happy to present you now as an all rounder, despite the fact that you are almost 20 years older than me, you are so athletic. I remember when we were at the Dead Sea in Israel and we had a swimming competition. I thought: «This is not right — I am a professional swimmer.» I asked «Sergey Nikolaevich, did you have swimming lessons?» You replied «I swam in a pond a little.» And then you almost overtook me there. You only lost by a mere margin because (I apologize) you lost your trunks when you dived in. I don’t know if you remember it?

Then you beat me in a game of tennis. When we walked in the mountains and on the beaches — this is how I remember you — you walked tirelessly, talking at the same time but I was exhausted! That is why I see you as some kind of spiritual Rasputin of today (they say he was very strong). In bowling however, I sometimes beat you, that was the only thing I could win! But last time you beat me in that too.

And I also remember how when we were in India, my students were very impressed. They said, «He’s so in the present moment!» (but they didn’t notice me, bastards!). I also remember translating your consultations with an astrologer, and you mentioned so modestly at one of your lectures that you had a consultation. But I remember how he praised you. He said that you are a great soul, that you came to this world to help, to serve others. That you were a great wise man for many past lives. So I am very pleased to have a dialogue with you today.

What does almost everyone need to do? Because everyone should be a spiritual leader, at least for himself. For example, if you take the classical Vedic system, then there were Brahmans (teachers and priests) and Kshatriya (warriors and probably modern politicians) who had to listen to Brahmans' advice and act on it. Vaishyi were merchants and Shudra were workers.

Unfortunately today few people listen to advice. What can you offer to the world? Your opinion about today’s situation in the world? Because what is happening today is not even funny. Here in Canada, schools have now been closed. In Ontario, children from 5 years old now have to wear a mask. Every day they put some sort of chemicals in your eyes, take your temperature and so on. Children are separated and can’t communicate with each other. All universities are closed and all studies are online.

We are seeing now what many said six months ago — education is being completely destroyed. People are being vaccinated. In Russia they have already begun to vaccinate, even though the vaccine has not yet passed (certification). In fact 75% of doctors are against vaccination. Now they are discussing when to vaccinate children. But if children cannot get coronavirus, why vaccinate them? No children have died from coronavirus, as far as we know.

The situation in the world is interesting, to put it mildly. Now more and more people are being turned into slaves, as you said, (indeed, electronic slavery). I think that on a subtle level one of the reasons for this is that people are slaves to their feelings, their desires. But I would like to hear, if possible, your general opinion about what is happening in the world currently, and then consider what spiritual leaders and ordinary people need to do. I apologise for such a long introduction.

S.N. About Israel. It feels like it was 2-3 days ago. Life passes very quickly. In the swimming pool, we started by diving in, not with a swim. Then you swam for 25 meters and decided that it was probably enough for the old man. When I swam 50 meters, you were very surprised. But you are an ace in swimming.

 Rami B. Unfortunately, your trunks were not so reliable.

 S.N. Ok, we put it down to trunks. (S.N. and Rami laugh).

Yeah, India was good. When you think of what is happening in the world it struck me, how they fish there. Fishermen board a boat, sail 50-70 meters from the shore and throw nets. They drag the nets for 200 meters, pull out nets full of fish and the market begins there and then. This is how nature should be. It can still be found in some places. It amazed me, because in comparison when you go out in Russian reservoirs or in the Mediterranean, you will not see the same there.

Well, as for current civilization, you know, there are two points of view: supporters of conspiracy theories say this is all an elite conspiracy. Now technology is underway, in fact 90% of working hands are not needed, these are extra mouths that deplete the planet. Therefore, it seems that the conspiracy theory which claims that the elite plan to kill 90% of population has a basis. They will kill you and me, we do not belong to the elite.

So, there is a conspiracy theory and it seems to be confirmed. But the fact is that if you believe in God, then you can take a slightly different look at this topic.    

That is, God Himself, indirectly through other people, is starting to destroy our civilization. After all, the people in power, with money, Satanists and others are all guided from above. Scientists have found that we are controlled by the subconscious by 95-97%. So, these people are controlled by some, let's say, subconscious images that lead to this behaviour.

That is, by and large, I became convinced of one simple truth: if you want to understand what is happening, never look for the bad guy. As soon as you found the guilty party- you don't need to think further, for he is to blame. He needs to be punished or destroyed and the matter is over. But if I want to understand the world based on the principle that everything is happening for a reason, then I must understand the reasons why this happened.

 So, you invited me to talk about this topic, and I thought for several days and came to curious conclusions. The conclusions are as follows. Everyone already understands that we live in a slave inducing society (in a form of digital and electronic slavery). And that people lose their rights, that there is a moral decline, a decline in education and decline in most important things.

What is the reason for this? And the answer is very simple. Do you know the answer? In Satanic civilization can the people live in a harmonious state? Does Satanic civilization survive? It seems to me — no. I can easily and plausibly prove that our civilization is Satanic in 10 minutes, maybe not now, but a little later.

Rami B. About the fact that our civilization is Satanic, by the way, I agree with you. There is already a lot of evidence — there is a video where Hollywood stars worship Satan, what is happening with juvenile justice now [children are encouraged to report their parents], and so on. All art is completely low level and frankly, it already seems to me, literally Satanic. With regards to education for children — to teach children masturbation at the age of 7? Pornography is shown to children. In Germany, a teacher received a teacher's certificate in kindergarten. And they already (it was two years ago) had rooms in the kindergarten for children to be taught masturbation and teachers required to undress and show genitals.

This is clearly a Satanist path we have now, in my opinion, and any spirituality is often suppressed under the guise of fighting sects, and so on.

S.N.: The thing is that no conspiracy can explain this wave and the fact that that most people accept it. This means that this is not a conspiracy but some kind of trend is developing. So we need not to look for a culprit but to look for the reasons for this trend.

If we talk about sin, then when Christ came, he said that sin is… In Judaism, sin is behaviour, an act, but Christ said that sin comes from inside, that is, our feelings precede our behaviour. If feelings are deformed, behaviour will also be deformed. So the fact that our civilization is Satanic is already visible at the level of behaviour, the level of form. But it is interesting to know what are the reasons for this behaviour. I call it: the goal forms a function, the function forms the organ. If the goal is not correct, then problems with the function develop, and then the organ begins to disintegrate.

I'll give you an example. If we call a washing machine a vacuum cleaner, then somewhere there is a distortion of the goal, then there will be problems with its use. And then we throw it away, because we can't use a washing machine for cleaning the floors.

So, it all starts with an incorrect goal, incorrect concepts and incorrect definitions. If we do not understand some of the main points and treat them incorrectly, then there will be a gradual destruction. Therefore, the problems of our civilization lie in the wrong, incorrect, distorted picture of the world. And this, in my opinion, is the main reason. At the external level, it is useless to fight Satanists or to try to defeat the richest people who are preparing the destruction of most of the people on earth, because this is a trend, and it has already gained strength.

We need to fight at the level of reasons, at the information level. If everything is balanced at the information level, it will be balanced in everything else.

So, first of all we need to deal with concepts. Unfortunately everyone has their own ideas. I believe that if we talk about spiritual leaders, then first a spiritual leader should outline the correct picture of the world — what is good, what is bad, a system of priorities, a system of concepts, and then there will be a chance for everything else.

Rami B.: That is, values, to determine the right values. And what values should modern spiritual leaders have?

S.N.: You know, there is a joke.

«One lady says to another lady:

— I'm divorcing my husband.

— Why?

— He treats me like a dog.

— Why, what is he doing?

— He demands loyalty from me.»

That is, everyone has their own values. For this lady, this is treating her like a dog.

Everyone has their own ideas and their own concepts.

So in order to speak objectively, we  need to more or less understand the concepts. Or to risk being  like two people who face each other and who stand on a straight line, and there is a number six drawn on it. For one persons this is number 6, and this is true, and for the other person this is number 9, and this is also true.

Everyone has their own truth, and the universal  truth is that the six can be nine depending on the angle of view. That is, universal truth is the union of particular truths.  In order to unite particular truths you need a feeling of love. Therefore, where there is love there will be universal truth.

And about Satanic civilization — everything is quite simple. Let us reason logically: What is Satan's purpose?

Rami B.: Although I recently wrote  the book «Dialogue with the Lord of the Devil,» but so immediately… but theoretically – to  keep us in this material world, lower the soul to lower levels of vibration, so that the soul is mired as  much as possible in all these material games.

S.N.: Satan's goal is to increase man's sinfulness in simple terms, right? Then we need to ask — what is sin?

Rami B.: Renunciation of love.

S.N.: Sin in translation means «miss.» That is, sin occurs when a person makes his main goal not God, not love, but something or someone else. Therefore, Satan's goal is to replace the main direction of «love for God, faith in God,» put God not in the first place, but in the second,  in the third, this is the main goal of Satan. Moreover this is not a straight forward abandonment of God (because Satan is sly), but a replacement  of God with something which seems like also a good thing. 

So, the basis of any society and  any state is religion and  not economics or military power,  because religion is the main, let's say, picture of the world, which tells how to treat each other, how to treat yourself, the world around you. These are the basic concepts that govern human behaviour.

Therefore, if religion begins to die, society is doomed, and then the state and civilization begins to die.

Now  lets look at religion — the one that we call Christian, but which is not in fact Christian. When they talk about what is the main commandment, what is the meaning of religion, everyone says: «Love your neighbour as yourself» — right? So I did not hear the priests say «the main goal of any person is love for God.» They just don’t say it. I wonder why?

A friend of mine was in church, and the priest said: «You know, the main thing is to learn to love your neighbour, as the Bible says.» She later asked him: «Excuse me, Father, but you are not quite right, because this is the second commandment, but the first commandment is» Love God above all else. " He says: «Well, at least they need to learn to love each other.»

What does that mean in fact? This means that let them learn how to build the walls, and then we will talk about the foundation. That is, when we place the second commandment above the first, we depart from God. We begin to put a loved one above God — why? Because the main commandment is «love your neighbour as yourself.» And oddly enough, when we ignore the first commandment, the second commandment takes us away from God.

So, the first commandment is obsolete, why did the priests forget about it? The answer is simple: you can love God above all when there is something in common — something that connects God and man. If I am initially a sinful being, and God is an absolutely pure being, I cannot join with Him, and I cannot aspire to Him. Because love is unification, unity, aspiration, likening. Why is this impossible? Because only Christ has the right to be the son of God although Christ tried to convince everyone that all of us are [God’s children]… What does the prayer «Our Father» mean? «Father» is not mine, but «Our Father”.

That is, the thesis that people are initially sinful and that Christ is the son of God is already, in fact carries hidden Satanism, oddly enough.

Let's move on. What is Christ's main mission? Religion suggests that Christ's mission is to save all mankind. How? By giving everlasting life. Do you  see Satanism here? Why? Because salvation implies physical salvation which means that the body unnoticeably takes priority. I thought: what is Christ's mission? And I realized that the mission of Christ is indeed salvation, but salvation from the devil, from the sin of the devil as the basis of all subsequent sins. Christ's mission is to save our souls, it is not physical salvation, because if we talk about faith in God, then the soul must take priority over the body. 

In the current religious background of Orthodoxy, Catholicism [and Protestantism}, nothing is said about the fact that Christ defeated the devil. Is that probably not worth talking about? It is worth mentioning — after all, the victory over the devil is an extraordinary event.

Where and when did Christ defeat the devil? On a physical level this is described as taking place in the desert, temptation on three levels, where the devil indicates the main points of human happiness. And Christ each time says that: “people do not live by bread alone,» «do not tempt the Lord Jehovah your God”, “worship the Lord your God and serve only Him”. That is that love for God should come first and all other values should come second.

Then let us ask ourselves the question — ‘what is the sin of the devil?’ So I said that there are three levels of sin, I tried to create a system. Cain's sin isn't just a murder. Murder begins with greed, envy, then readiness to steal, then readiness to rob, and only then readiness to kill. In other words, sin develops.

The sin of Cain is preceded by the sin of Eve — this is lust, the worship of desires and passions. Cain is not able to overcome his desires. The sin of Eve is preceded by the sin of Adam — the rejection of the Divine Will. And all sins are based on the sin of the devil. The essence of the devil's sin is that his main goal was not to love God, not to resemble God, not to aspire to Him, and for this purpose the willingness to even lose himself, to dissolve himself in Him, but preserving himself, his personality, and everything else.

After all: what is any human happiness? All the blessings that we are talking about are actually the realization of our desires, this is the fulfilment of our desires. And what is at the heart of all our desires? Our desires are based on the self, the satisfaction of the self. That is, when God comes first and the self comes second, we defeat the sin of the devil. When the self comes first and God comes second, Satanism is unstoppable.

That is why Christ came and what he said — you are the children of God, you are Divine in essence, your true self is Divine, and your human self is secondary. This is the essence of the victory over the sin of the devil. What is religion giving us now? Religion claims that Christ saved us purely physically, that we are imperfect. Religion suggests that the main goal is not to aspire to God but to go to heaven. Well, let's be honest: what is the meaning of life for any believer? To go to heaven.

Rami B. Especially in Protestant Christianity here — in America, in Canada, this is very obvious.

S.N.: But no one knows what heaven is. Let's explore the subject of heaven. Heaven is the opposite of hell. What do we see in hell? Physical pain as intimidation for sinners. And problems with food. In heaven there are fruitful gardens and no pain. That is it’s physical comfort. So it turns out that the goal and greatest happiness for any person is physical comfort and physical pleasure. Note that nothing is said about the soul. And when a person dreams purely of physical pleasures, he will forget about God as this will be a substitute.

Well, now the most important thing. When we despise or judge a person, we commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Why? If we believe that a person is only a physical body, then by despising and criticising the body, we also despise his Divine Self. And a person who attacks another person by judging and despising him, unknowingly activates a programme of self-destruction. That is, in fact, „speaking against the Holy Spirit“ it is the rejection of the fact that the a person is Divine in his essence.

What are the conclusions? The conclusions are very simple. I have been saying this lately: never tell a child that he is bad. „You're good, but you haven’t learnt this yet“ „You are good, I love you, but you have a little character (or feelings) problems.“ That is, it is necessary to be reverent of the Divine in a person — not to speak against the Holy Spirit, and not to be critical of the human self. Therefore, a person cannot say (to an adult) „you are a villain,“ he needs to say: „you have the character of a villain.“ You cannot say to him: „you are a villain,“ but „you were poorly raised.“

Rami B.: Or: „you did a bad thing.“

S.N.: „You did a bad thing.“ That is, when we leave room for love, then we do not speak against the Holy Spirit. That is, with any criticism, it turns out that we should not forget that there is a Divine in a person, then there will be no speaking against the Holy Spirit. And I often say during my consultations: „Try to understand a simple thing: criticism is sometimes necessary, but before you say something critical, say the good about that person. And this good, this warm feeling will prevent criticism turning into destruction. When there is love, then punishment turns into education. When there is no love, punishment turns into revenge and destruction.

What conclusion are we coming to? Those who claim that a person is not a Divine creature, speak against the Holy Spirit. And then the question arises: isn’t it the priests who teach us who claim that a person is not a Divine creature? And as a result of such a wrong perception of the world, as a result of the fact that religion completely superficially interprets the teachings of Christ… the fact that he was incomprehensible 2,000 years ago is only natural, but the fact that it is set in religious views is a disaster.

And here the disaster in religious views migrated and became a disaster in our scientific views. Have you ever thought that the concept of “scientific and technological progress» is satanic?

Rami B.: Well, to some extent — yes, because these are superficial achievements, a departure from real achievements.

I will quickly summarize if I can.

The first thing we said is that it is very important for a person to have the right values, and the main value is the aspiration to God, that is, to love God, and not just to love some parts of God. For example, Himalayan yogis says that you should see God, love God and see God in everyone, and not just that you choose a part of God (one person, one country, one place). Because this is affection and not Love. Especially if a person gives you something that you like.

That is, for spiritual leaders and for all people it is necessary to have the main goal in life — love for God, Divine love, unconditional, and see God in everything. And this is the basis, and based on this, we can build secondary things. And heaven is such an abstract concept, because the kingdom of God is within us. The main thing is to live in spirit at the level of love, because everything else, everything external is manifested.

So, all current projects are purely materialistic, that is, they are associated with the «yacht being in good order,» and noone talks about navigation and about the destination. If we want to build a harmonious society, then we must ask ourselves the question: what is the purpose of this society and how it should function, and only then what it should look like.

But the thing is that we are used to living with wrong goals, unwittingly we are used to not to going to the truth but to departing from the truth.

On the other hand, everything is very temporary in this material world and being in this material world is very temporary. We think about building something, some kind of perfect society, but as one of the gurus said, we are here for 30-40 more years maximum, and it is very important to work first of all on our soul, on our level of love, awareness, charitable work. And the construction of society comes somewhat secondary, because many spiritual people are just going into an external social life.

S.N.: Do you know what I would compare this with? Imagine: a person wants to sail somewhere. And for a year or two he deals with the equipment of the yacht, he looks at his hull, cabins, portholes, sails, and that's all he does. Will the yacht reach anywhere? Unlikely, because in addition to a yacht being in good order, you also need navigation and have a specific destination.

So, all current projects are purely materialistic, that is, they are associated with the «yacht being in good order,» and no one talks about navigation and about the destination. If we want to build a harmonious society, then we must ask ourselves the question: what is the purpose of this society and how should it function, and only then what it should look like.

But the thing is that we are used to living with the wrong goals, unwittingly we are used to not going to the truth but to depart from the truth.

Here is a simple question: what is the main condition for forgiveness of a person? 

 Rami B.: The ability to see God in everything and the ability to see a teacher in each person and understand that all this was created  by ourselves.

 S.N.: Yes, this is divine logic, but what about from a human point of view? If a M child is naughty, when would I say to him: «I forgive you» or «I do not forgive you”?

 Rami B.: Well, inside we should probably always forgive him but punish him nevertheless. For more serious crimes we need to administer more serious punishment.

 S.N.: You can punish or not punish — on what does it depend on?

 Rami B.: On the situation...

S.N.: Right, on the situation, and from the readiness of the child not to do this anymore. For example a child comes to me and says: „Dad, I broke the rules and I will do it again because you will forgive me.“ 

I'll say, „No, honey, it’s better if I punish you .“ Does it make sense? That is, the condition for your forgiveness is a willingness to change your behaviour (that you will no longer do this), and therefore a willingness to change your character to some extent.

So the conclusion is: for sins to be forgiven, the main condition for forgiveness is a change in character, right? If a person’s character does not change, and the person persists in his delusion [and breaking the rules], his forgiveness is his corruption.

Now let us think about the ritual that has been performed in temples for 2,000 years — the ritual of forgiveness. Do people change following this ritual of forgiveness? I doubt it very much.

Rami B: Unlikely.

 S.N.: And in fact, instead of helping people, satanic rituals are being performed in temples – this is not an aspiration to God, but the opposite. A person’s sinfulness is multiplied because his sins are forgiven, although the person has not changed. Here is another trend of Satanism.

 So what do we have here? 

Why is scientific and technological progress a satanic concept? Because technology is a physical aspect, science is a mental aspect, and where is the soul? And there is no soul. And it turns out that scientific and technological progress is the development of the body and mind with the disregard of the soul. This is Satanism because the soul is eliminated.

Next. Our materialistic worldview is also Satanism, because so far what is any science talking about? Consciousness is the product of the brain and the body is primary in relation to the mind.

And if a body is primary in relation to spirit, then the most important value of any person is his body and life, right? And if a person's most valuable thing is his life, then you can betray and kill to save your life or go on immoral adventures, because you are saving your life and you are doing the right thing.

Everything in the West runs according to this logic. The schoolchildren are not allowed to throw snowballs at each other [in Canada] because it hurts. All efforts go into saving the physical body, and at the soul level, the existence of which science still denies, there is a complete decomposition, but no one cares.

So what is the consequence of this? It turns out that current psychology is also a Satanic science. On the Internet you can read about psychologists and their fate. If you didn’t, here is what I’ve been sent:

»In the USA, the author of the book " How to Save Marriage” shot his wife and posted on Facebook a photo of a corpse. Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, died all alone. Many people will know Benjamin Spock as the author of the bestselling Child and Care, but his own sons wanted to take him to a nursing home. Maria Montessori, a famous teacher, gave her son to a foster family, feeling that her purpose on this earth was to devote herself to other people's children. A Korean writer, the author of the bestselling book How to Be Happy, hanged herself from depression. This is all that you need to know about various kinds of training for personal growth, spiritual gurus, the life coachers and so on. "

What does this mean? I'll tell you. The fact is that when a person's main goals are his life, his success and his desires, then the more successful he is, the more able he is -  the more Satanism there will be. Because high ability without love is Satanism.

What happens in reality? Who leads us to Satanism? The answer is that religion leads us to Satanism. Are why we are then surprised when electronic slavery results and humanity starts to die? It must die. By logical reasoning we come to this conclusion. Sad but inevitable.

Rami B.: Yes. Thank you very much. Sergey Nikolaevich. I have another question.

I am personally very grateful to you that 20 years ago I had a consultation with you and you said: «You have an aura of spirituality.» I said proudly: «Yes. I meditated for several hours a day for 15 years, I was a monk for five years, I do charitable work — I feed people, I am so good. » And you looked at me and said: «You have three crosses there, you have a lung cancer (it was the beginning of cancer), and your child can die» (my daughter was critically ill).

And I remember I was really shocked — how is it possible? Because I then believed that spirituality is always a good thing, that it is necessary to visit as many churches and holy places as possible, to pray more, meditate more (this thinking is partially influenced by Buddhism by the way, because this is how piety is gained).  I was completely shocked, to put it mildly, that spirituality could be bad and could give you a disabled child, lung cancer and so on.

I remember that your consultation with everyone lasted 2-3 minutes but I was given 40 minutes, and you explained quite clearly that sometimes instead of loving God we move away from God and enter some spiritual ideals. Can you say something relatively short now about the dangers of spirituality, because many people are listening to us, and spirituality is an urgent topic for many.

S.N..: The fact is that developments occur when new denies old and spiritual denies the physical. This is why at the beginning of our development we first worship the physical, then we understand that attachment to the physical is not a very good thing, and then we say: spiritual is good, and physical is not very good. And then we understand that the spiritual, it turns out, can also be problematic.

And then we begin to get attached to the values of the heart and soul: family, loved ones — this is the main focus for us now. Then our question must be: Why did Christ say «A man’s enemies will be the members of his household»?  Because it turns out that family and loved ones is not the most important thing, that loved ones should not be a person’s main source of happiness.The main source of happiness is love for God. That is, a person must go through these steps.

As for spirituality, I would compare spirituality to this:  

25 years ago my uncle and I were in Las Vegas  and we flew back with AA, American Airlines — a silver coloured magnificent aeroplane. A very curious incident took place.  The airport is in  the desert where the air is hot and thin but the air from above is cold. This cold air acts like a ceiling and the plane rises and beats against this cold air. Then the vibration starts.

The vibration continues for 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and it feels as if 5 seconds more and the plane would fall apart. The pilot drops the plane, then begins to rise again. And again the vibration starts. If it was just a shake then it would have been ok. But imagine: I am sitting on a plane and I see how people in front are being thrown a meter high in the air. Suddenly it becomes clear  to me that we are in the same cabin! I turned around and looked at the stewardess, a black woman: she was as pale as a white napkin.

Then I made a curious observation: when there are problems with a plane — when there is a possibility of an accident and it starts shaking — first the children start crying, then women begin to cry and this followed by screams.  But when the plane really crashes – then there is complete silence, everyone is silent, there are no screams. Everyone on that plane was silent.

And then the pilot dropped the plane about five times, then he somehow rose and flew. I liked my uncle's reaction: he turned and said to me: «This was a real roller coaster.»

So, concerning the spiritual and material approach.  I would compare them like this: the material approach would be a return back to the base, to the airport. The spiritual approach would have been to beat against the ceiling until the plane crashes. A monotheistic approach (correct view of things) is to combine two opposites by coming back, trying again, coming back and ultimately rising.

So, currently civilization worships either materialism or spirituality. This is either worshiping the material as in Western countries, where it begins to fall apart as it goes to Sodom and Gomorrah, or, worshiping the spiritual as in the Orthodox religion, where it «beats the ceiling,» and then collapses. This is how the Byzantium and the Russian Empire died, and the current Russia is being prepared [for collapse].

Therefore, if we don’t develop  a new view of the world, if science does not unite with religion — which is the  'real monotheism",  then we won’t have a future. But this is a separate dialogue.

Concerning the danger of the spiritual — in the Bhagavad Gita it is said that everything that is born will eventually die. All spiritual things are born, therefore they are temporary. Only God is eternal. Therefore, all values ​ except love for God are temporary, and you can attach yourself to those values whilst forgetting about God.

In such cases, I would say: " Do material values​ mean a lot to you?" A person would answer: «Well, yes, they do  mean a lot, but I could live without them.» I would say, «Yes, because you know that you will eventually lose all material things. However, you will take your spiritual values  with you to your grave. Your spiritual values last much longer. Therefore, if you can get thoroughly attached to material values, then you can get attached to spiritual values much more. „

Spiritual values are more valuable than any material values — that can be tens, hundreds and thousands times more. But spiritual values are still a benefit, and the bigger this benefit is, the more we get attached to it and forget about God. Therefore, it is not that spiritual values ​can be bad, they are a benefit but at the same time they can pose a danger. But this has never been mentioned anywhere. As far as I am aware there is only one phrase of Christ -  “blessed are the poor in spirit.»  And so far, in all religions and teachings, spirituality is only a good thing. But it may also pose a danger.


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