S.N. Lazarev about Covid 19 and Vaccines part 2

Without the legitimate intention any scientific discovery is destined to go wrong.
21 march 2021

Extract from live broadcast, 14 March 2021

Regarding the vaccinations. The problem is that everyone is afraid, and looking for a guilty party. They are looking for a reason to be angry and to feel superior. It is important to remember one simple thing. If your conclusions lead you to hatred, anger or despondency, then you need to re-examine those conclusions.  The fact is that a vaccine can save lives but it can also harm people .  It was thanks to a vaccine that smallpox is now obsolete. It was also thanks to a vaccine that polio is now obsolete. Vaccination has given people tremendous opportunities to overcome pandemics.

But it comes with a forewarning. Without ethical application, any invention can become a poison and source of death. A resolution to this problem is not punishment and forbidding its use but to re-examine the intention of its application. Without the correct application and legitimate intention, any scientific discovery is destined to go wrong.

In respect of vaccines. There is a factor that is seldom considered. I will explain. A drug is developed for the purpose of helping someone.  In the past the aim was to help the person and the medicine was the means to do this.  Doctors took the Hippocratic oath and consequently a principle of «do no harm» existed and the doctor was engaged in helping the patient.

Why? This happened as a remnant of the Christian faith which placed the person above financial gain. This Christianity was the faith that was reported directly by Christ and not what we now call Orthodoxy, Catholicism or Protestantism.

But over time the Christian faith began to weaken, when behaviors began to form in society which we now call Capitalism. The whole theory developed by Karl Marx is, in my view, a lie, moreover, it emerged as a means of cover.  It's practice leads away from a real understanding of the truth, by explaining all causes in material terms.

It has similarities to the Theory of Chaos: that everything moves erratically and gradually organises. As one scientist joked: according to the Theory of Chaos, if you blow up the printing factory, all the scattered  letters will form back into a book.

Without a plan and without a purpose, no process can exist in the universe. Ultimately all the processes in the universe unite into one purpose and one plan, which ascends to the Creator. So in the past a person was the aim and medicine was the means.

With the decline of Christianity and the decline of morals, money started to take precedence. God told Moses to kill the Jews who worshiped a golden calf. Why?

 Because the worst enemy for the Jews was not the warriors who came to their territory with swords. Their worst enemy was the Jews themselves. It is the desire to make money and prosper and to put money and prosperity before the love for God. The worship of a golden calf is not the worship of an animal and not even the worship of  money, it is the worship of power, money and preservation of life.  All this leads away from God.

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