16 april 2021

S.N. Lazarev about Covid 19 and Vaccines part 3

Extract from live broadcast, the 21st March 2021
S.N. Lazarev about Covid 19 and Vaccines part 3

I would like to finish the subject of Covid. Someone asked me why a person can die from heart failure 2 or 3 months after having Covid. Why are there such severe consequences?

It also occurred to me that  some people were surprised to know that I wasn't against vaccinations. I think I will disappoint those people even more. I don’t think that vaccines are as significant as many think they are.  Many think that if they don’t vaccinate they will be able to fight the Antichrist. This is a very naive point of view.  We will look at this further.

Lets go back to Covid. What do I think about it? We think that the virus disappears once a person gets better and has recovered. That a healthy person does not carry a virus. In fact, recovery means a decrease in the activity of the virus. The researchers say now that it takes one month to a year to recover. A friend of mine had Covid in 2019 before people were aware of the virus. He had pneumonia which he had for a long time although he had never previously been ill. He recently told me that it took a whole year for him to fully recover.  What is so different about Covid? Why is it mainly old people that die from Covid?

 I think all these viruses are simply a mirror of our inner balance. The extent to which a person sins, that he breaks the laws of the Universe, reflects the extent of a decrease of his inner energy.  This virus becomes embedded and manifests in the wrong path that the person has chosen. This represents the path of the Devil.  Why do we turn to the Devil? If a person who has lost faith in God feels great and has joy in his heart, it would be a disaster. If a person loses God, he should have pain in his soul which should degrade and diminish.

And something needs to speed up this process so that a person feels the danger of losing faith in God. That’s why the Devil is needed. Infection similarly increases the speed of these negative processes. One of the main symptoms of a virus is a lack of energy and fatigue. There is an increase in the viscosity of the blood. Why do older people get ill? Because as a person ages he voluntarily or unwittingly violates some laws [of the Universe]. His attachment  to some values increases and his inner energy subsequently decreases.  This decreasing inner energy accompanies the formation of various illnesses.  The lower the inner energy, the more serious the disease that results.

In fact,  the illness saves a person from further loss of   inner energy. Like a parasite, the illness starts to develop in our problem zones. If the illness had not developed in these zones, we would not have been aware that they were a source of problems. This is why it’s important to look after your health. After a person recovers from Covid, it’s important to check the viscosity of his blood and his lung saturation. If this falls below 90 without being noticed this could result in serious problems for the person.  It is important to take blood thinning medicine for a period of time and to move about more regularly.  Movement improves energy and increases blood flow but it’s important not to do too much. I noticed that after some activity my lung saturation started increasing but if I did too much – my saturation started to fall rapidly.

Therefore there is only one rule – if you don’t want to do something, don’t do it — your body knows how much and when you can work. Keep a close eye on how you feel, don’t push yourself on physical and mental levels. 

Why do people die from heart problems? The thing is when we’re stressed, our muscles tense but then they relax if the stress was a one-off. An example of this is a threat to life. But when we’re stressed for a long time, then our muscles permanently tense, our capillaries become thinner and it’s more difficult for the heart to pump blood around the body. Consequently the kidneys don't work well, the blood has toxins, and all of this has an effect on our internal organs. At the same time poor circulation means less blood supply to the lungs. The lungs don’t receive as much oxygen because the blood is thick and circulates more slowly. This can also affect the brain. The heart needs to pump the blood harder and this causes high blood pressure. A person takes medicine for high blood pressure, low blood pressure in turn affects kidneys, liver and other illnesses can develop. A person can die from kidney disease or any other condition. But the cause of all of this - poor circulation.

 So the conclusion -  many people become ill and die because they start to exercise too much and push themselves when their bodies don’t yet have the energy.

 Or in the alternative, the body can cope for a while but then when it can no longer cope, the heart gives the maximum pump which then leads to a heart attack. Or a stroke. This is why it’s important not to push ourselves too much both physically and mentally and be able to deal with stress positively.

Any serious dissatisfaction, or any anxiety about the future, all of this is stress, which leads to poor blood circulation. It’s better to sleep on our fronts because it increases lung saturation by 10 percent. This is very good for you. Joy and optimism need to be constant. Even a simple prayer, where you feel the acceptance of the Divine will allow you to internally disconnect from the situation, so  not to control it internally and will save lots of energy.

A person with increased pride will try to control all situations not only externally but also internally. He doesn’t notice when he starts to lose energy and then is surprised that he is not well.

 A runny nose is a sign of our energy disbalance and lowered energy. I noticed that treating just the runny nose is not very effective. You need to increase your [overall inner] energy. To slow down your life if it requires too much energy. To change your attitude to your 'self' and to the world around you.  Even to  change your eating. To exclude certain foods. If you can’t get rid of your runny nose, it means that you’re functioning on low energy and it can lead to more serious illness. This is when some people start to breath through their mouths and this can lead to direct infection of the lungs. I urge you to take a runny nose seriously.

 This theme of joy should be present during any, so to speak, difficult moments. Because where there is joy, there is energy. As I said before, even a good painting or a photo where your are smiling will benefit you. I heard that there is now a laughing photo method.  Even if it’s just a photo of you or your loved ones where you are smiling, laughing, then automatically it affects you, it lifts your mood and it’s good for your health.

This is why it’s very important not to overload ourselves and to control our bad habits. I spoke to a woman I know, who had Covid and had to go to hospital. She told me with surprise: ‘I got home from hospital and felt more or less ok.  In a few days my husband and I had sex and after that I felt much worse and had to go to hospital again’. Why? Because sex takes lots of energy, and a person who indulges in sex after an illness can become ill again.

 Therefore overeating, lots of alcohol, stress, inability to communicate, anxiety about the future – all of it can lead to new health problems. A  decreased immunity is a cause, as medics agree now, of many illnesses. The weakening of immunity, I will say it again, from my point of view, is connected with main life energy. If life energy decreases, the immunity also decreases. Therefore one of the main problems and main aims is to increase immunity. How to increase immunity? First of all, to live by a concept of heart desires and not ‘what I must do’. We should be ruled by our heart, it knows what we need and what we don’t need. We should be ruled by a feeling and not by logic. If I don’t want to do something, it’s best to absolutely not do it, in our work and everything else.

Don’t suppress your feelings. Christ’s commandment -  ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’ reflects this idea. Only the  soul is connected to God. Mind and body are connected to earthy things, so to speak. The soul came from God. Bible talks about it. This is why our soul has contact with the Creator. Our soul knows what is good and what is bad. But our mind sees everything superficially. When we follow our logic, we think that we’re doing the right thing, but then we get problems.

 Therefore we need to believe our feelings and not suppress our feelings. The energy comes through a feeling of love and joy. Therefore one of the main conditions of increasing our immunity is a constant feeling of love in our souls.

A very important point here. In the past I talked about the  accumulation of love but now I think it’s time to talk about not only accumulation and stability of love, we now need to talk about the continuity of love and love being unconditional. Many people who experienced a feeling of love notice that the world around them changes. They are changing, the whole world is changing but not everyone can do it yet.

Question – Why? The answer is simple. Those whose feeling of love is stable and constant succeed. Their feeling of love burns like a sun and doesn’t flicker like a candle.

 I will tell you some stories which show how love changes us. It’s always better to have case studies.

About the vaccines. Remember how we were all afraid of  Taxpayer Identification Number? How we were all afraid of new passports and how people refused to apply for it? There was talk that we need to go and hide in the woods in order not to get the stamp of the Antichrist. There was a talk that we need to fight the Antichrist. But it’s not clear when he will come and how to fight him. And at least some of the fighting was refusal of passports, the taxpayer number and all these devil things.

What do we see in fact? Everyone took the new passports, and taxpayer number and it turns out that first we make noise and we are afraid but the machine so to speak works irresistibly for the Antichrist, and inevitably does its job.

How to fight the Antichrist? A very important point. Let’s think logically. Who is the Antichrist? It’s not necessarily a person, it could be a tendency.

Christ who came to Earth is also an embodiment of a certain trend. A trend of saving humanity through becoming close to Almighty, through a priority of love over everything else. And Christ realised this tendency.

So with respect to the Antichrist – what is the point of the Antichrist? If Christ represents getting closer to God and love, then the Antichrist is the antithesis of this.  If someone marks three number ‘6's’ on your car – will this draw you away from God? Doubtful.  If you have a vaccine, will this drive you away from God? Will you stop believing in God? I doubt it. The effect of the Antichrist is when you unnoticeably lose faith and love.  This is the main influence of the Antichrist.  This means that when you fight the Antichrist you begin to grow, you develop your faith and Love further.

From the point of view the vaccines currently being developed, are they dangerous for us or not? 

They are not so dangerous. The fact is now, that all of humanity is gradually sliding towards a slave driven society.  The fact that there is now digitalisation of our lives, and that people can turn into slaves not only on an external level but also on an internal level as well is not the most scary fact because people have already realised this. 

When a person understands something which he does not accept,  he will protest. He will fight and become free or he will die.

 The most dangerous fact is when a person doesn't realise that he is a slave.  The most significant and disturbing losses are those we do not notice.

 I will surprise you with my opinion about the slavery which society is driven towards. Any technical discovery and innovation without faith in God and without morality is deadly for humanity. If you build a house with 5 or 15 floors when it’s foundations are meant for 2 floors, it will collapse.  But it is useless to try to stop technological progress. It's not possible. If the foundation is not strong, we need to strengthen the foundation. So the most dangerous thing is that which weakens our faith and morality. 

 With regard to all these vaccines, I think it is more a cover up. People need to be distracted on a material level, which seem to be important on the surface.  They need to be distracted from the most dangerous process – the process of losing faith in God and the degradation of the soul. How does this process appear in the world? This is appearing through the unnoticed corruption and decomposition of the Church, religion and discrediting of religion through the clergy themselves.

Priests are now talking about what I highlighted 25 years ago when I criticised the position in the Orthodox and Catholic church and the dogmas, which in my view, do not reflect Christian teaching. Any society develops through what we call a soul. First the soul must work through certain information or teaching, and only then will technical progress occur. Without a soul there is no development. Technical progress without a soul is Satanism.


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