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What we do determines not only our destiny but also the fate of our children and civilization as a whole.
21 june 2021

Question:  Could you clarify if over the years of working with the diagnostics of karma, your definition and understanding of the concept of «karma» has remained exactly the same or changed and evolved?  If it has evolved, how did you understand your concept of «karma» in the beginning compared with how you understand it now?

 S.N.: Well, in principle it hasn't changed. The concept of karma is the concept of cause and effect. The world is not a chaotic mess. If it were so, there would be no consequences, no matter what a person did.   But we clearly see a connection between events: if there are clouds — it will rain, if there is rain — I will get wet. It’s a universal law of cause-and-effect.

In a tree, the health of a root determines the health of the trunk and crown. The health of the trunk and crown determines the health of the leaves. This is called the hierarchy of priorities. The main priority is love in the soul. If you lose love, then your soul begins to deform. When you have a deformed soul and feelings — you will have deformed fate and health. This is the law — it's Karma.

 If you destroy your soul by harmful behaviour, feelings or thoughts, if you renounce love, then you will activate a chain of self-destruction. 

In this regard my ideas have not changed. The only difference is that I have seen more clearly, on a bigger scale, how one person can harm many people and conversely how another person can save many others. Because we are all united on a subtle plane. At the subconscious level we are a single living organism.

We are all united. Therefore, the state of each person affects the whole society.

 And this huge responsibility is, on the one hand the unity that permeates the entire universe but on the other hand, it can lead to problems.

 If 10 saints can save the town, then equally 10 scoundrels who have renounced love can damage that town. Therefore humanity must care about the moral education of all those who are on Earth. And not one of our actions, thoughts and feelings disappear without a trace. This has already been proven by scientific studies.

 Therefore, what we do determines not only our destiny but also the fate of our children and civilization as a whole. Starting with the treatment of individual patients I came to the conclusion that we need to treat our whole civilization, because in my view its goals, aspirations and understanding of the world are very imperfect.

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