S. N. Lazarev about Fundamental Importance of Family

13 september 2021

I have recently compared the development of a person and civilization with the development of feelings. That is the feelings that shape a person’s character.

The Bible says: «The wicked man has no future and the lamp of the wicked will fade”. 

How do people become wicked? They just think about the wrong things and go in the wrong direction. 

Where the main goal of a person is to survive and fulfill his instincts, the result of this is that he will steal, rob and kill. But at  first he will be jealous. When a person is constantly jealous he will steal with ease. Where a person steals and gets caught, he will kill.  Theft will easily become robbery and then murder will follow. 

In the absence of focusing and caring continually about the development of divine qualities in our characters, demonic tendencies will develop instead. If we do not strengthen the basic instinct, that of love for God, love for our neighbour, unity, sacrifice and compassion, then the instincts of survival will gain the upper hand.

Namely, the instincts of self-preservation and that of reproduction or continuation.  The result will be division in society, promiscuity, cruelty and increases in robbery and theft — exactly what we are witnessing now. That is a cult of sex and violence.

And so I ask myself  - where can these divine qualities be developed? The answer is surprising and turns out — it is the family. 

The family provides a person with the opportunities for sacrifice, caring, showing initiative, forgiveness, understanding, the willingness to get along, sincerity, optimism and altruism. All these qualities are grown in the family. 

A person who is deprived of a family — his soul is not developed and he does not know how to love.

It starts when the baby first feels the warmth of his mother, and in response opens up and reciprocates with his feelings. It's the school of love. The family should be a school of love. This has always been the case. In the past.

We experience problems with it now. Without a family, a civilization will not survive. A family is not just the rock on which the state is built. If the family is destroyed — there is no state. There is destruction of family life occurring as we speak. But no one talks of it.


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