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Extract from practice
10 october 2021

Hello dear readers! 

Summer is over. New energy is coming and it is very important to benefit from this energy and not to waste old energy. 

How do we lose energy? This happens when we eat the wrong foods or when we overeat. As an aside, it is noticeable now how almost everyone is eating less and it is important that we do eat less.  The result is we will have greater inner energy and consequently will need less food. Those who decide not to eat less  — they will get ill. Non digested food becomes poisonous. I do not recommend eating pork, because pigs have a similar physiology to us and when we eat creatures who are similar, then this activates a programme of self-destruction which can result in  energy loss. Chicken and beef have too many antibiotics and consequently lamb or turkey are better. But I think you know all this.

When otherwise will we lose our energy?  This occurs when we waste our excess energy. 

What is happiness?  Happiness is excess energy. When a person has excess energy, he feels happy, he wants to sing and dance, and it is very important how we use this energy. The fact is we feel happy when we spend energy. This is human nature. So when we have a goal and we expend energy then the result is development. 

When we expend energy without a goal – this is degradation. Imagine – when a washing machine is on and there is dirty laundry is inside, the cycle finishes and my  laundry is clean. Everything is good.

Now imagine – when there is dirty laundry is inside, the drum in turning and I am happy despite there being no water, no laundry detergent and zero result. 

This can often be something which we call a bad habit. Bad habits occur when we expend or waste energy without any real goal.  Examples of this are when a person overeats or when a person indulges in sex not for the purpose of having children but for the purpose of pleasure only.

When a person drinks too much alcohol or takes drugs – this is a waste of energy. When a person  becomes used to bad habits, that is the loss of energy without any goal, then the following results :

In order to prevent energy loss his body starts to lower his energy. The person feels that he doesn’t have much energy and starts to curb his bad habits. But when he feels more energetic, he starts drinking alcohol, having sex and so on.  This is followed by a dramatic loss of energy again and his body tries to prevent this loss by manifesting an illness.

 This is why when you feel happy, for example after the summer holiday you have excess energy – don’t rush to spend this energy without a goal. In other words don’t over indulge in sex or overeat.  It is better to pray, exercise, do your favourite hobby, nourish your creativity and improve your character. However, improvement of character requires energy.  So when you have a feeling of joy, don’t rush to waste this energy. It is better to strengthen this energy by fasting for a few days and then this energy can be spent on improving your future.

In order to have a future, we need to change.  In order to do this, we need energy. This is the reason when we feel joy and happiness, we will have a future. When we feel despair and depression, it is likely we will not be ready for our future. Even though it is autumn, a time of harvest, joy and celebration, it is best not to waste your energy.

Therefore it is a time to look closely at your bad habits and not to waste your energy without a goal. Where we have goals, we will have a function and energy.  When we have energy, we are healthy. Where we start wasting energy, we will have problems. Our main goal is in discovering God, increasing love in our souls and improving our characters, when you have extra energy – try it!

Try to forgive, try to give to others, try to abstain. Why? Because if a person can't control his lust, he will lose energy.

If you recallf I talked about an experiment :

 ‘Don’t eat marshmallow’ where small children were offered one marshmallow but if they could wait for half an hour, they could have two marshmallows. 

Those children who were able to wait, i.e. could control their lust, were ultimately able to achieve higher social positions in 20-30 years. Those who were unable to control themselves, where their bad habits were stronger, ultimately became a slave to their desires so that in 20-30 years they became cleaners and so on, and did not reach the highest social positions.

Therefore those who can control their animal desires and lust in favour of higher goals, will achieve more and have a future.  In order to have a future we need energy.  To achieve this, try to restrain yourselves. If you don’t want to eat – don’t eat. Trust in your feelings.  Overcome your bad habits.  Learn to restrain your animal desires.  Learn to have joy. 

Very importantly — focus on the feeling of love.  If it is constant — it is an enormous energy. It needs to be constant, not necessarily big.  Do not discredit the feeling of love in every situation.  Where you feel the Divine Will, then you will receive the energy of the future.  Let us save our energy and explore and open ourselves to a new Divine energy, which is coming to us. Begin to understand that any situation is given to us in order for us to become happier and to have more love, for us to be less dependent on our instincts, and for us to see Divine Will in everything.  Any situation is for us to realise our potential with regards to our development, exploration and obtaining a future.





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